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Supplements vs real food

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2017/04/21 12:48:36 (permalink)

Supplements vs real food

Every so often those of us who watch these forums will see the 'we should eat real food' point of view be stated. Now, to a point, this is true. BUT...
The person will sometimes hold themselves up as a prime example of why food is best. One IFBB pro I know is one such example and a decent lifter is another (250kg deadlift). Both are under 200lbs bodyweight. Both are freaks. So not only are they so-called high responders but they are, to put it nicely, 'easy to feed'.
Additionally, as in with the Pro, they 'live the life'. By that not only do they either buy pre-cooked high protein meals (various companies now doing this) or cook their own but they also don't work in factories doing shift work etc etc. Those that do an actual hard at it day job, with varying shifts, commutes and all the real world fun that comes with it find supplements and their convenience useful. Few people go the whole hog and cook from scratch. The 'real food' fan will still make a soup from a tin.
Even these would benefit from creatine (just about the most researched supp there is and good for 95% of users), something for their joints (more so in the long term), a vitamin and mineral product (100% RDA) and a post workout drink (at least 30g). Genetics aside assuming they train as hard as they can and wish to do so again as soon as possible then they WOULD benefit from the suggested items as using these, in addition to their food, would mean they'd recover quicker and be back in the gym sooner. Their oft quoted statistics as to what 'man needs' are really based on what a hard training athlete needs.
Be they the under 200lb or over 300lb freak they might be using what amounts to a rarity to provide an example of what every other normal responder should doing is, after all, a poor example.


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    Re: Supplements vs real food 2017/04/21 14:19:16 (permalink)
    Time and convenience are very underestimated with supplements. 
    I personally can't eat all the fruit veg oils and protein needed from what people call real foods. 
    As you say mate creatine is well researched I can't have red meat every day needed to get 5g of that in my diet. 
    Supplements supplement my diet. 

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