Switching from 5x5 to GVT

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2011/03/31 16:04:40 (permalink)

Switching from 5x5 to GVT

Oh hai guyz
Been doing 5x5 for about 18weeks now and had some ammaazing results!
I had a break week at week 10, as it felt like my joints were about to crack at any minute.. Since then my joints have been fine. I was thinking though, to give my joints a break from all the heavy lifting would doing GVT for 1 week with the same exercises in anyway be benificial?

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    Re:Switching from 5x5 to GVT 2011/03/31 16:43:43 (permalink)
    I am soon about to switch to GVT for 8 weeks. TO be honest - I don't think GVT is going to 'help' your joints at all mate. As a routine change though, it has got to be one of the more messed up ones though if you are not used to volume.

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    Re:Switching from 5x5 to GVT 2011/03/31 18:02:16 (permalink)
    I doubt one week is going to make much of a difference anyway?
    GVT is fantastic though if you can hog the stuff at your gym for 10 sets! I saw some good growth on it, and once you've done 100 squats you feel like the boyo.
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    Re:Switching from 5x5 to GVT 2011/03/31 18:04:34 (permalink)
    tried it once..  didnt have the fitness lol, but have through in 10x10 on legs beforeand is a killer just dont forget to keep the sick bucket with you.
    you should not be able to breeze4 them out, lots of people i have read trying them say '' i was struggling on 9 set'' you should struggle alot beofre that..  all in all great workout but not for long haha
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    Re:Switching from 5x5 to GVT 2011/04/01 13:47:18 (permalink)
    I`ve just switched back to 5*5 as its the best routine i`ve ever done, will post my results.
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    Re:Switching from 5x5 to GVT 2011/04/01 19:53:22 (permalink)
    i don't recommend doing GVT for every muscle group and every session. it actually may spark some growth, since you're switching from a strength oriented plan to a more hypertrophy specific training, but you're soon going to stop progressing. progress in working weights in a 10x10rep scheme becomes almost impossible. even if u start with 3-4 sets of 10 with a heavier weight than the last time, fatigue is eventually going to kick in and it's going to look like 8,7,7,6 etc
    +in time, 10x10 can leave your cns in a pretty trashed state, especially when doing compound movements, and that will further compromise gains.
    another thing is that 10x10 only allows you to handle a working weight somewhere between 60-75% 1RM. IMO that's not enough variety for long term muscle gains.
    i'd suggest a standard hypertrophy approcah with a wider rep range interval. you could do a gvt protocol on isolation/machine stuff every once in a while
    my 2 cents
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