T3 Cytomel - dosage for life?

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T3 Cytomel - dosage for life?

To cut a long story short I have been treated by the NHS for hypothyroidism for about 9 months. initial TSH of 10 and below range T4 and mid range T3. Despite seeing numerous doctors and an endocrinologist I was only prescribed a very low dose of Levothyroxine 25mcg and although this pushed my TSH down to about 4 it did nothing for my T4 levels and reduced my T3 by about 15%
I am convinced the Levo was the reason my joints ache as I have suffered in the gym since I started taking the medication.  In December I sourced some NDT (Thyroid-S) and titrated up to 1 grain a day but after 4 weeks of that I just didn't feel right and a blood test confirmed that it had made no difference to my levels.
3 weeks ago  I had decided that my only course of action left was to come off the Thyroid pills as frankly I felt better off the meds than on them. After reading some posts on the net about the possibility of reverse T3 causing issues I decided to try one last time with a T3 only protocol and sourced some LA Pharma Cytomel 100mcg tablets.
It has been 5 days and I have taken a qtr of a tablet (25mcg) once a day. Frankly, it has been like a light has been switched on somewhere deep in my chest. I am focused and have an energy I had long forgotten. I am handling difficult situations at work with empathy, humour and clarity of thought. I am aware that this could all change as my body gets used to it and there is always the possibility that there is a placebo effect but honestly it doesn't feel like that is the case. There is also a possibility that there is something else in the tablets that I have sourced as I realise they don't really qualify as pharmaceutical grade.
My question is, would a dosage of 25mcg of this be reasonable long term for someone with a Thyroid condition? I  will get bloods done in 4 weeks to see where I am with this and I hoping that this doesn't;t throw up any concerns because I really don't want to go back to where I was before.
Chances are I will have to self medicate this long term as I have heard many stories of the NHS not wanting to prescribe T3 due to costs (£500 a month? god knows where they source the stuff!) 
Sorry for the long post, but I had to get details down.

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