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2005/07/24 09:49:42 (permalink)


I`ve got the Svend Karlsen & Magnus Samuelsson dvd`s.R there any other vids/dvd`s woth getting & where can i get them from any ideas ?
One of the best vids i`ve seen is
Very inspirational.
If anybody has got vids like this they could post that would be great

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    RE: TRAINING VIDS 2005/07/24 10:42:12 (permalink)
    Have a look on Dale's site some comp videos on there.

    Link below.
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    RE: TRAINING VIDS 2005/07/24 19:19:45 (permalink)
    On a second note how hard would it be to just have a sticky for videos? I mean in the first post ask people to only post vids and not comments and go off intregity. I personally have a little folder where I have every video I ever came across probably from this site weither it has to do with weightlifting/strongman. Either garrage style personal training or andy bolton with his WR deadlift.

    Anyways Im looking for thie link and if not Ill try to host the video but I have some Mariusz Pudzianowski videos of training. Not just that one floating around here of him in the gym screwing around. I think it was around 2002 when he was dominating.

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    RE: TRAINING VIDS 2005/07/25 22:38:33 (permalink)
    Magnus S has a second DVD. Hugo Girard has one. I heard Jill Mills has one. I've not seen these three though (only the two you have).

    Some good clips on these pages:
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    RE: TRAINING VIDS 2005/07/26 08:41:11 (permalink)
    Thanks for that mate
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    RE: TRAINING VIDS 2005/07/26 20:07:41 (permalink)
    The karlson one is smart have ya had a go at the rowing 500 metres in 1.18 sec ! man that is fast
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    RE: TRAINING VIDS 2005/07/27 10:45:04 (permalink)
    That is quick!! although I did just get a letter through from my gym telling me I'd won the rowing challenge I did 500m in 121.8!! not bad for a fat b**tard I suppose

    I must say though my favourite on Karlsens DVD is the 270kg front squat for reps that's pretty impressive
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    RE: TRAINING VIDS 2005/07/27 12:11:48 (permalink)
    ive heard the jill mills and becca swanson one is quite good with some heavy weights lifted. mind you every time ive gone to bid for it on e bay the price has gone sky high because i assume there are a load of geeks bidding on it. one of those muscle big chick domination tapes that gets them going.

    Thats not why i was bidding for it.

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