The dreaded fear of loosing it all!

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2004/02/18 19:46:36 (permalink)

The dreaded fear of loosing it all!

I've noticed great gains in muscle mass over the last few months, particulary with thanks to all those who participate on this web site. The information you guys provide is without exception, truly valueable.

However, in saying that I have also noticed that although my muscle mass has increased along with strength, my " Belt Size " has also increased. Not alot mind you but certainly enough to cause problems fitting into my favourite jeans or slacks.

My routine consists of 3 days weight training and at least 3 days of cardio. Cardio will consist of at least one of the days playing squash, which is in itself and incredible "HIT " routine.

I eat at least 5 times a day, high on protein, medium carbs and low on fat. I hardly ever eat junk food or hardly ever have any cheat days. I drink one litre of water per day. I have alot of energy when I am at the gym and often or not I will do a cardio workout after a weight training session.

Which brings me to my point. I would like to bing my mid-section down again but am very " scared " of loosing all that muscle mass I worked so hard to build over the last few months. I would rather loose my wife then loose my muscle. Just kidding, I hope she does not read this!

If anyone can tell me or guide me with some reference material on how to loose 15lbs and still maintain muscle mass I would very appreciate your advise. I am 200lbs and would like to see 185 again. I was 185 prior to the bulking process, but not with the muscle mass I have now.

Thanks for all your help guys and this site " rules " .
Patrick " Wormdoggy "


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    RE: The dreaded fear of loosing it all! 2004/02/18 20:56:26 (permalink)
    The main changes IMO would be in your diet and cardio regime. Post your diet up in the D+N Forum and the good bros there will assess it for you. Cardio sounds good tho, you can always add in another 4th day if needed.


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    RE: The dreaded fear of loosing it all! 2004/02/18 21:49:13 (permalink)
    Generally speaking.. I'd say.

    Take your bulking diet. Just cut some carbs, how much depends on how quickly your gaining on your current diet. Stick with the same weights regime..(if it's managed to grow muscle it must be working for you), and up the length or intensity of your cardio.

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    RE: The dreaded fear of loosing it all! 2004/02/18 21:52:50 (permalink)
    you won't lose muscle if you do things right. maybe alittle but not much. your gains on strength will usually halt or at least slow down some. like DV said go to the nutrition forum and they will help a lot.
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    RE: The dreaded fear of loosing it all! 2004/02/19 14:01:15 (permalink)
    up your water intake mate to 2 litres..
    just cut down your calories a little and youll cut
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