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Hot!Time of day to inject or myth?

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2019/03/24 17:41:57 (permalink)

Time of day to inject or myth?

Hi guys! I am currently on 1ml EOD of rip blend and was wondering if there is any truth about what time of day to inject?
I am currently injecting at night when I get out of the shower as this is most convenient for me however some one told me this was a bad idea and I HAS to be in a morning or even pre workout????
Is this gymbro talking utter bollocks or is this true?
Sorry for the novice question!

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    Re: Time of day to inject or myth? 2019/03/24 17:50:54 (permalink)
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    Not a massive amount of out come difference but I’d take it an hour or two before workout

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    Re: Time of day to inject or myth? 2019/03/24 18:20:02 (permalink)
    It may be better to inject before workout but the benefit is going to minuscule as far as gains are concerned.
    Certainly not worth causing yourself inconvenience over.
    Its generally a good idea to exercise to some degree after injecting as it reduces the chance of PIP and possible swelling as it disperses the oil a bit.  

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    Re: Time of day to inject or myth? 2019/03/29 16:44:20 (permalink)
    just back from training shoulders and put 1.5ml 200 test cyp into my delt. if i did this before a shoulder work out id say it would be painful. but yeah id usually put it in before the gym but it wont make huge amount of difference just wudnt want to try and train delts whilet heres 1.5ml oil floating about in one of them
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    Re: Time of day to inject or myth? 2019/03/31 22:06:39 (permalink)
    That sweat would mess with your spot..
    I think you're good so far, of course all kinds of hormonal theories out there, I wouldn't bother that much unless that would be igf and not test...
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    Re: Time of day to inject or myth? 2019/04/04 20:31:22 (permalink)
    No matter what people says stick to this: doesnt ****ing matter

    What matters is to keep your blood levels stable. If you do it at night, this is the best for you. Doesnt make a ****ing change wether to do it otherwise. Just keep it eod/ed at night m8.
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    Re: Time of day to inject or myth? 2019/04/04 21:12:30 (permalink)
    Whenever is convenient for you. It won't make any odds as to your results what time or when you take it just be as consistent as you can.

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    Re: Time of day to inject or myth? 2019/04/04 22:55:47 (permalink)
    Iv used Ripblend my first try with tren. Loved it I found EOD is optimum longer than that i didn't get any real results. About the shower and stuff is BS. I go about 7 in the evening EOD. But it's what ever works for you.
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