Tips/Advice whilst on Cycle

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2008/05/14 17:54:39 (permalink)

Tips/Advice whilst on Cycle

Hi all,

I'm 28 and have been training on and off for 8 years, and did one really, really badly organised course of Dbol when I was 23 and amazingly even though my diet was pretty rubbish and my training wasnt 100%, I did manage to gain and keep a bit of muscle on top of what I had already built naturally. Took Dbol some days, not others, didnt even bother with the full course of Nolva at the end even though I had some, as I didnt really think I needed it... all round disaster really and I blame myslef and my 'couldnt care less' attitude at the time.

I am now older and wiser and have been nailing all the basics for the last 2 and half years, great routine, good diet, sleep, helpful and knowlegable training partner etc. A lot of thanks must go to all at MT becuase I must have been reading and learning from here for about 5 years! So its been going well so far.

I know have the required bits and pieces to do Tbol for 6 weeks at 40-60mg ed (not sure which amount yet, may start on 40) and also have the Nolva present and correct for PCT.

My questions are as follows, any good tips for making best use of the next 6 weeks apart from the obvious of diet, protein, sleep, 100% training effort:

I dont smoke and I wont be drinking alcohol while using orals so I guess thats a start...

1)water? drink an extra lot of it day to day, or just keep it to the normal levels of a few large glasses during the day/evening?

2)Cardio? I usually try to throw in some Cardio a couple of times a week between the 3 weights sessions I do to help to 'keep fit'. Drop this or keep it up on cycle?

3)Creatine. I'm a fan of Kre-Alkaline. does creatine go well with AAS? should I be using creatine while on the Tbol?

4)Vitamins. I usually take a daily A-Z multivitamin and other things such as cod liver oil and wheat germ oil etc. I guess no one knows if I'm wasting my time with these but I like to try to cover all the bases! keep them up or not?

5)Milk Thistle? and if yes, then when and in liquid or dry capsule form??

Anything else anyone can suggest that I should or should not be doing day to day to keep myself heathly or out of trouble whilst maximising gains then I would be greatful.


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    RE: Tips/Advice whilst on Cycle 2008/05/14 21:26:44 (permalink)

    just need some simple do's and dont's that I might need to be aware of!
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    RE: Tips/Advice whilst on Cycle 2008/05/14 21:44:34 (permalink)
    1) Just keep drinking lots so you're pissing a good few times a day mate, you want it to be very very light yellow
    2)I would drop it, focus on getting gains throughout the cycle, cardio later
    3)Save creatine for PCT mate
    4)multi vit you'll be fine
    5) might aswell have some milk thistle, never bothered with it myself

    Ps. start at 60mg

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