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Toxic Toffee - Calorie Surplus ?

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2007/06/13 15:13:06 (permalink)

Toxic Toffee - Calorie Surplus ?

I have seen you mention a number of times in different posts that in order to pack on size you must eat a calorie surplus diet, now I must be doing something right as I am gaining fine, but something that crossed my mind was...

When you mention a calorie surplus diet, do you mean you should eat surplus amounts above a males RDA calorie intake


Surplus to what "male x" has been taking in throughout his normal diet over the last "x" amount of years.

Sorry if this is confusing, the reason I ask is because the RDA is 2500 calories, however for the last 3 - 4 years I have been taking in on average 3500 - 4500 per day, this has become the norm to me,

So in order to pack on more size should one continue to take in 3500 - 4500 per day as it is above the RDA, or because this has become the norm for me should I be taking in more than 4500 ????

Hope this makes sense.

Many thanks

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    RE: Toxic Toffee - Calorie Surplus ? 2007/06/13 15:14:48 (permalink)
    I would imagine he means surplus to othe individuals requirement, it would be pretty pointless for a 7'2 ecto with a silly fast metabolism to try to bulk on 2500 cals a day.

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    RE: Toxic Toffee - Calorie Surplus ? 2007/06/13 15:17:05 (permalink)
    I'd assume TT means a surplas on YOUR maintenance calories - i.e. MORE than the number of calories you need to stay at the same weight , taking into consideration any activity you do - this is not a number someone (even TT , lol) can tell you , you'd need to work it out for yourself !
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    RE: Toxic Toffee - Calorie Surplus ? 2007/06/13 17:51:23 (permalink)
    yes every body is different so everybody has different have to adjust your diet so it worksfor you not male z (thats presuming you are male x)
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    RE: Toxic Toffee - Calorie Surplus ? 2007/06/13 19:18:34 (permalink)
    forget RDA

    if you play of RDA/GDA or whatever mechanism you study you will eat about 60g of protein ED

    simply eat, if your not putting on weight, eat more...that = surplus ...surplus means by definition 'more than is needed'

    calories build muscle, more calories = more anabolism in both LBM and possibly fat

    if you are not losing weight, eat less to a certain point or up output

    i can gain on 2800 calories ED and lose on 3200

    drop the number, eat to grow
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