Training Natural v Un-natural

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2006/07/17 15:39:05 (permalink)

Training Natural v Un-natural

I was just wondering what the major difference is between routines that are tailored for natural lifters, and those that aren't.

Is it just a case of higher intensity/volume that can be managed if you are taking gear?

How should you change your routine basically when you are on cycle and should go back to a natural routine when off?

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    RE: Training Natural v Un-natural 2006/07/21 22:06:19 (permalink)
    I always thought they could recover much more quickly so could handle more volume/higher intensity.
    Then when cutting off, the poundages are reduced and volume as well... but who knows...

    With (certain?) gear, I think there can sometimes be a problem with the pumps.. but that may only be with cardio. I'm not sure!

    Question: Does the training change again depending on whether or not the person is bulking or cutting?

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    RE: Training Natural v Un-natural 2006/07/21 22:20:13 (permalink)
    Alot of people say training should not change if your on gear or not. I think its more the intensity that increases rather then the amount of training you do.
    Cetain gear may cause pumps from water retention, which can cause a problem when it comes to cardio. You will find it very difficult to do cardio on DBol for example I believe.
    I think the things that should change when moving from bulking to cutting is the diet and cardio. In terms of training I think it should still be heavy compounds, again due to lower carb intake the intensty may drop? If your cutting you want to be doing enough to preserve as much muscle as possible while losing body fat, mainly down to diet imo
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    RE: Training Natural v Un-natural 2006/07/23 14:53:35 (permalink)
    I`d say that the main difference is volume,due to increased recovery abilities whilst on steroids.

    It`s common practice for juiced lifters to be able to do many more exercises and sets per body part than natural lifters,without getting overtrained and injured.Some juiced lifters can train twice a day and others train 5-6 times a week,depending on the amount of steroids taken.

    IMO if and when you choose to train drug-free,then it`s better to do short(45mins-1 hour),heavy and intense workouts,that are spread over 2-3 sessions a week.This allows for plenty of recovery time,which as you know is when you do your growing.
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    RE: Training Natural v Un-natural 2006/07/23 15:08:52 (permalink)
    whilst on aas, ability to recover is enhanced so training volume can be increased with lower risk of overtraining.
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