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Tren first hand review

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Tren first hand review

Hi all new to the forum but I though I would post an honest review on Tren Acetate. I have trolled this forum for years and there is some great advise but also some utter bull ****. which I am sure is just regurgitated from other sources rather than from experience or a solid foundation.
First off I am 35 years old and trained since I was 17, various types from bodybuilding to cross training ect. For the past 3 years I have focused mainly on bodybuilding. I have a vast knowledge of steroids and been around them since I was about 18 but I never used until I was around 28/29. I started with test then deca/test and then I was given some Tren so gave it a go and this is my 3rd cycle of use but probably my last cycle of gear. So this is first hand experience not what my mate said down the gym. 
First off I am not sure why everyone is so scared of tren yes treat it with respect but every cycle I have ever done, I have had to tailor doses and frequency until I found what worked best for me. TBH my first cycles of anything new are a bit of a waste, my dosages are generally too low. When I do a cycle I always want to use as little as possible for max effect. A. because its expensive and B. You can gain so much from so little. IMO Tren is the best cycle you could ever run without a doubt. My diet is perfect ( I live by my fitness pal) and I am about 20%BF off season and I start a cycle around end of march ready for summer. Yes I train to look good in the summer. Some may say thats BS but what ever its what I do. So here goes.
Dosage:- ( I always use 2 bottle which last about 10/12 weeks) Some may disagree but it works for me
Tren Ace 0.5 -0.6mg EOD
Some Test 0.4 - 0.5mg EOD (I use what ever I can get propinate is best but at the min I can i only get sus).
I have played around with these dosages up and down a few mg but this for me is the sweet spot. Sometimes I will do every 3rd day but can notice it. Mainly the test for me the Tren I can live with every 3rd day. For the dosage of Tren if you need more than that you are doing something wrong in other aspects of your training imo the results are just mind blowing on 0.6 eod. You can achieve in 3 months what would take you 18 months natty. I have done both.
Some myths:-
Tren Cough.
Its real lol but not as some post lead you to believe. I have probably done about 80 or more jabs and had proper tren cough once I caught a blood vessel and the oil must of seeped in, even then it wasn't that bad. I just remember it being like swallowing a fly becoming all flushed and sweaty, the sweaty bit was worse than the cough. Maybe 6 times I have had this metallic taste in my mouth but that's it.
This is true and I have had it every time but only for the first week then it stops. Night sweats is BS for me never had it and never seem to sweat more than normal.
Cardio problems
This is true through the cycle but its quite subtle your just short of breath for no reason when carrying out mediocre tasks.
Hair Loss.
This is true but can be controlled I believe its more due to the test than tren. This again is quite subtle you just notice 7 or 8 strands of hair fall out a few times a day or in the shower. I can stop this though by keeping test at about the levels posted above. Hence I cant do high doses of test or my hair falls out lol. I have had this before though off aspartic acid weird but I cant use that either. 
These are unreal I don't really weigh myself to often I just use the mirror to judge my condition. Again I only do cycles when cutting and you stay so hard and the muscle are so full its unreal ( I drop 1 stone prior to a cycle trough Jan Feb march). You can deffo build muscle and lose fat on tren I eat less and get more ripped and heavier. I think this is due to the uptake of nutrients, this is a myth I don't get. people say eat more on gear but your body is 30 or 40% more efficient so you are effectively eating more without actually eating more.
Gyno/Prolactine Acne
Never had any of these issues but again with too much test get a little puffy I always have arimidex and nolva on hand. Pop them for a couple of days and it goes. I have caber on hand because I read stories of milky nipple but its never happened to me. And its freakin expensive :(
I get acne spots on my back but these seem to stay all year round I'm not sure if its gear or just me. Its about a dozen spots but as one goes another appears pissing me off lol.
Tren Dick
I have never really experienced this more the opposite.
General well being
This for me is my favourite part of being on a cycle you feel like a ****ing super hero. If someone could bottle the sense of well being you get without the stigma or muscle building effects they would be very rich. Your strength is through the roof and you don't need any recovery time. Your confidence is just way out there and your motivation is out of this world.
Roid Rage
I can see where this stems from but cycles just make you an amplified version of your self. I am a very easy going type of guy and it actually benefits me being more confident and angry in certain situations. My brother on the other hand is a hot head (he doesn't train) but I would hate to see him on tren he would rip someone's head off. 
I am not convinced yet on this subject I have it on hand and tried various dosages/combos I have Arimidex,Nolva and Clomid. I have stuck religiously to PTC plans after cycles and been lax with others. It takes 4-6 months for my body to recover on all occasions. For me I don't do bloods its just all about how I feel and from trial and error. I never really understand why people do bloodwork but I guess that works for them.  
All cycles are awesome if treated with respect, Tren for me just blows all others out of the water. But training and diet is everything steroids just make fat people fatter. I have seen it from lazy people who do gear and think they will look great the opposite is true, they just look a fat mess.  As for me I will finish my cycle end of May and it will probably be my last, from just a vanity point of view I can achieve what I want natural it will just take a little longer. If I have missed anything let me know I will fill in the gaps.
Peace out …...


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