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Tribex 500 -does it work?

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2004/09/14 14:23:11 (permalink)

Tribex 500 -does it work?

Hi Guys!

Ive been recommended to use Tribex 500 from a friend.
I bought 90 on capsules about 10 days ago, and have started taking the normal dosage (4 in the morning, 4 at night). I've recently changed my diet and exercise/weight program. To give you an idea, I'm going to the gym Mon - Fri, on Mon, Wed, Fri I focus on the different muscle groups, and on Tue - Thur, I do 30min of Cardio. Sat and Sun are rest days ;o)

My diet pretty much consists of chicken, eggs, fish, peanut butter sandwiches, turkey, tomatoes, protein shakes, tuna, bread, and vegetables. (and plenty of water!). I dont eat Mcdonalds, KFC or any of that stuff. I'm also trying to quit smoking!

I've been going to the gym for about 18 months now, have noticed weight reduction, some definition in my muscles. But I think this new program that I've worked on will hopefully bulk me up! I'm 6"2 (189cm) and weigh around 79kg's - 81kg's. My goal is to be about 90kg's by Christmas time.
I've heard of alot hype and reviews about "Biotest Mag 10" although I don't think they sell it anymore (and you can't get it here in Australia due to Anabolic reasons???).

I'm pretty new to all this supplement sort of stuff, so any recommendations are welcomed and regarded!

Should I up my protein? Does Tribex really work? Should I start having Creatine too?
I just dont want to waste more money on useless supplements that don't work. I'm pretty sure though that this Tribex stuff does work (unless its Placebo!) because I'm pushing harder weights at the gym (as of this week).

Anyway, I hope to hear back from someone about recommendations, etc... Looking forward to all your reply posts! :o)



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    RE: Tribex 500 -does it work? 2004/11/18 11:22:41 (permalink)
    If Tribex is Tribulis terrestris then age is an important factor,I take trib(I,m 38)and I have found it most beneficial(to my ladies annoyance)It,s supposed to raise Test levels slightly which is why many younger guys feel no benefit.

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    RE: Tribex 500 -does it work? 2004/11/18 12:12:31 (permalink)
    anecdotal evidence suggests its best use is in pct mate not as a stand-alone.

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    RE: Tribex 500 -does it work? 2004/11/19 01:34:28 (permalink)
    trib is a waste of money really imo unless you have low test levels normally then it may help. there is very little to back up any claims it works.

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    RE: Tribex 500 -does it work? 2004/11/19 01:59:31 (permalink)
    I work at a supplement store and we don't sell hardly any tribex and have not sold a bottle of Mag 10 yet. I never try anything new without someone else trying it and I get good feedback from them. We sell alot of the T-Bomb though.
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