Two day split see how it works... Advise?

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2015/03/11 07:17:59 (permalink)

Two day split see how it works... Advise?

So then again here am I prepping my bulk season and want to change things a little... and will do a two day split see if it works for me...

Monday & Thursday: chest, delts, tri's, quads... Changing angles for one day to the other)
Tuesday & Friday: Lats, Biceps, Hams, calves... (different angles )

I have always given a full day per muscle group and it's been quite hard to gain muscle, mainly on my arms... so I've thought I've probably been overtraining them as I've used throug out the week too much of them as secondary muscles... (as triceps are involved with delts and chest training days, plus have their third day... so it comes out I've touched my triceps 3 days a week without much rest in between)... Biceps have grown better, but then again they have only been touched twice a week (on lats and on their training day)

I'll probably use the Dorian Yates HIT principle...3warm up sets and one working set to true failiure to all my exercicses...

No cardio what so ever.... And diet plan will be changed every 6 week, either changing ratios and/or raising Kcal by 500... Shock the body a little and hopefull not hitting plateau gain too soon.... I'll be using gear with 3 month rest period in between cycles and will raise extra 500kcal when I go on the juice.

I tend to use this training split at least 6 months see if it works for me.

Then again it would be great if any of your could share your exp

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    Re: Two day split see how it works... Advise? 2015/03/11 11:24:03 (permalink)
    personally id go with an upper lower split.  Its impossible to truly isolate things like calves and quads unless your only using machines like knee extension and ham curl, so with crossover they will in effect get some work 4 times a week.  much the same story with upper body, although the other muscles would be working more in a stability function they will still be working.
    Upper lower split then gives you 2 or 3 straight days rest on those bodyparts while still hitting everything 2x a week.
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