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2007/06/12 19:52:09 (permalink)


Personally i dont use, quite happy plodding along and just staying in shape at a level i can mantain for many years to come, nevertheless i have been tempted to use roids when several mates have offered them to me, anyway to back to my point honestly HONESTLY what side effects good or bad have you guys suffered from over the years?

we all know about press myths but as they say theres no smoke without fire!

curiosity killed the cat


peace love and pumping

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    RE: USERS SIDE EFFECTS 2007/06/12 19:56:29 (permalink)
    I've experienced prolonged periods of HPTA suppression leading to almost zero sexual desire. I am now or TRT. Whether I ended up on TRT because of steroid use is not certain as I have other issues that may have led to suppressed testosterone totally aside from steroid use.

    I have had periods of unfavourable lipid profiles and liver function.

    I have no outwardly signs of side effects aside from mild acne on cycle

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    RE: USERS SIDE EFFECTS 2007/06/12 20:38:43 (permalink)

    Id say acne which clears after cycle and PCT, and lowered sex drive but not to the point of not being able to perform if proposed just not pestering the misses for it....although if im on test its the opposite and Im thinking about it 24/7...:)

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    RE: USERS SIDE EFFECTS 2007/06/12 23:52:35 (permalink)
    I get a few pimples here and there on cycle, extremely high sex drive, added confidence (not that I'm usually lacking, just more so on gear) and I think my hair looks a bit thicker on test cycles, but that's a hard one... as I'm not bald but may be one day... but not for some time, god willing!! ... during post cycle therapy a little bit more emotional, (like tearing up a bit at the sad part of a good movie, haha which is very out of the ordinary for me... usually tend to be somewhat callous, or so I'm told) and after post cycle therapy I have a period of lowered sex drive, can perform but some definite loss in number of times and decrease in interest even when a f'ck is available, though I still spank it and still get a lil action just not like normal or on cycle, not the feeling of being pumped, probably just do to getting in the habit of feeling overly pumped on cycle that when a avg pump comes it doesn't feel like much (that's also a tough one to gauge)... got my sex drive fully back and pumps back within probably 2-3 months after post cycle therapy finished on my last cycle probaly closer to 3 for fully back and now been off for around 15-16 months or so and I've still kept nearly all my gains, and I hit it with my girl 5 times a day some days prabably avging around 15-20 times in week with some weeks more and some recuping form the prior week!! anyways that's my story, I have done three cycles and am planning my next for the end of august. hope that helps, that's about as cut an dry as I could make it!!

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    RE: USERS SIDE EFFECTS 2007/06/13 00:51:15 (permalink)
    There is another very similar thread to this in the forum atm
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