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Urgent help with routine.

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2011/03/15 15:10:29 (permalink)

Urgent help with routine.

Hi guys/gals,
Just getting back into the gym and going on atleast a 3 month cut after a couple of years of abusing my body and little exercise. I have trained in the past so not a complete newbie, but this time I want to do things properly.
Cardio wise I am looking to get atleast one 40 minute session in, 2 if I have time per day.
I need help with my weights routine.
There are a few issues some quite unique. Firstly I am in a wheelchair (check out my journal for more details on that front) and am paralyzed from the chest down and thus have some limitations as far as the weights go. The most obvious is no legs, core exercises. The other less obvious is that balancing, especially with weights, can be difficult thus I tend to have to exercise one arm at a time when doing bicep curls, for example.
I'm hoping to do weights 2/3 times a week, just need to suss out whent he uni gym isn't heaving and I can actually use them first :lol:
I was thinking of doing a split of chest/triceps one day, back and biceps the other.
Would be using bench press for the chest and then one armed tricep extensions for isolating the triceps. This is probably my main area of concern as it doesn't seem like much...2 exercises for one session.
For back and biceps I was thinking wide grip pull ups, then bicep curls for biceps, and also reverse flys for my back as I can do these laying across my legs while still in my wheelchair.
Shoulder press is a bit of a bugger to do without the core control as I just find it puts a lot of strain on my back which I'm not sure is a good idea? Although this is one exercise I would love to do otherwise.
What other exercises could I be thinking about? Could I do one armed whoulder press with dumbells? Or could this be dodgy too with form and my back twisting etc? If I could do some kind of shoulder exercise I was thinking I could add it to the chest/tri's day?
Onn another note, what rep ranges and sets should I be doing?
My longterm goal is to be of rugby player kind of build, obviously without the legs :lol: If on this cut I could gain muscle annd strength at the same time as cutting the fat then that would be perfect for me. Longterm I don't mind not being ripped to shreds as I'm never going to have amazing abs anyway since I can't exercise them but do want to be in shape and have my chest stick out more than my gut haha...
All help and advice much appreciated!
Cheers, Ryan.
Edit: On another note how about a full(ish) body routine to begin with, say pull ups/bench press/reverse flys or something like that?
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    Re:Urgent help with routine. 2011/03/16 22:33:47 (permalink)
    Hi Mate,
    It's very hard for me to respond to your question because i don't have any experience in this field and i am cautious about recommending something which could further injure you. I would however offer some lines of thought that perhaps you can look into as possible options.
    If you are looking for shoulder exercises then how about lateral and front raises? You say you can use reverse flies for the posterior delts but can you do the others for the front and lateral heads?
    Are you able to do any form of dipping. Either bench dips or parallel dips assisted? These are great exercises for upper body pushing strength.
    With back you could also perhaps look at some light rowing exercises.
    Like i say i don't want to say do this or do that, but these are options that i can think of that you might possibly be able to use or adapt. in terms of rep ranges 8-12 reps is a good rep range. 3-4 sets per exercise with 4 sets on the bigger ones and 3 on the smaller ones.
    The option of a full body routine is also a good one IMO. I am a fan of these. If you can use any of the above exercises also then i would recommend 2 pushing exercises and 2 pulling exercises at 4 sets each as the core and then use the raises/flies and tricep/bicep exercises as additional work.
    I hope that is of some help. Best of luck.
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    Re:Urgent help with routine. 2011/03/16 23:18:19 (permalink)
    Thanks OZ that is an awesome help!
    Lateral raises is a good shout, I used to do them before and just did them one side at a time with the other arm holding my wheel for balance. Just had to start slightly to the side of my chair instead of from my thigh though.
    I could also do single arm cable rows as I used to do these previously too. Could I lay across my lap and do the rows by lifting them off of the floor and up in a rowing motion? As in arms straight to at a right angle? Would that be an effective exercise?
    The dips are a bit too difficult I would think.
    So for back and shoulders I could do:
    Reverse flys 4x8
    Lateral raises 4x8
    Pull ups 4x8
    Rows from lap? 4x8
    Flat bench press 4x8.
    Single arm overhead tricep extensions 4x8.
    Bicep curl 4x8
    Can I make a decent routine out of that? Anything else I could consider or will all of that set me in good stead?
    Thinking if I did go for a full body routine with all of that I'd be in the gym all night haha.
    As always help and advice much appreciated!
    Cheers, Ryan.
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