Vertical Jump

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2006/07/15 00:12:53 (permalink)

Vertical Jump

Has anyone got any good advice on what to do to increase my vertical jump off two and one foot. Since starting at gym its gone down hill i think =/


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    RE: Vertical Jump 2006/07/15 00:18:56 (permalink)
    have you put on alot of mass on your legs? added alot of weight recently?
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    RE: Vertical Jump 2006/07/15 00:35:20 (permalink)
    I think its mainly due to my upper body gains. Alot of my vertical jump gain from elasticity not strength from my legs, altho my legs are bad. I have decent calf development. Not well stretched though and need more explosive power.
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    RE: Vertical Jump 2006/07/15 01:07:14 (permalink)
    I think the muscle in thed calves help the jumps. the reason it has gone downhill is probably because you have added weight because of the muscle. When you are heavier it is obvious that when you jump it's not gonna be as high as when you were light. Plyometrics is the best way to improve jumps and it's the way athletes like high jumpers train. there are some plyometrics books available.
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    RE: Vertical Jump 2006/07/15 01:25:15 (permalink)
    now you're speaking my language my man!

    1) Stretch your hip flexors, here's a good stretch

    2)Strengthen your flexor hallucis- single leg calf raises while holding a dumbell on a high block of some sort is your best bet

    3) Hammer your prosterior chain, so lots of glute and hamstring work.

    Some exercises which will help

    1) Box Squats
    2)Snatch Grip Deadlifts
    3)Depth Jumps
    4)Reverse Hyperextensions
    5)Dumbell Swings
    6)Bulgarian Split Squats
    7)Pogo Jump
    8)Power Clean/Power Snatch
    9)Push Jerk
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    RE: Vertical Jump 2006/07/15 01:42:59 (permalink)
    as a basketball player, vertical jump is pretty important to me, and i find that a combination of plyometrics (during the off season) combined with weights, helps alot.

    because im always playing aswell, it keeps the legs going and my muscles have become "used" to jumping, before id even started doing weights/plyos i could dunk, because of the amount of playing i had done, and there is alot of jumping involved in basketball

    my one legged jump isnt as good as my two, but i personally feel that is lack of technique with one foot, and maybe a bit of coordination problem as i have never really practiced it.

    doing upper body, especially chest, will deteriorate your jump, as the chest gets heavier, obviously your legs have more force against them going down, to push up, when you try and jump, alot of people neglect legs in the gym (you see those guys with guys arms and chest but tiny legs), the way ive always done it, is it make sure that i do a good leg session in the gym after each chest session, so my legs develop equally with my chest, whilst still playing alot and keeping the plyometrics up, i just have to be aware of over training, but i think i manage pretty well (never had any problems)

    its all about repetitive training with vertical, and the most important exercises you can do for legs, are squats, first and foremost, probably the most "muscle building" exercise you can do in the gym, and calf raises, alot of hamstring/glutes is also important as mentioned, and the plyometrics are a god send, your vertical jump WILL decrease doing plyometrics though, but once youve finished a cycle and they have fully recovered, you will notice a big difference, although the gains will obviously decrease each time you do it

    thats just my 2 cents anyway, feel free to shoot me down
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