Wasted Gym time

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2007/07/02 22:14:38 (permalink)

Wasted Gym time

Upon starting to workout, diet etc how many years/months did it take you to motivate yourself you keep on going to the gym, plan diet and basically live the bodybuilding dream?

Did you?

Go to the gym to pull birds, having no set workout, only work the ladies muscles ie biceps and chest
Never work on legs
eat crap
go to the gym because you think your hard


embrace the fitness lifestyle
research chosen goal
eat and train well


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    RE: Wasted Gym time 2007/07/02 23:10:08 (permalink)
    i started going just to loose a bit of weight, as getting older its hard to stay the same, i didnt like the look of me in the mirror, so i joined about 8 months ago.

    once at the gym, and resonably happy with my results i started to see other people who werent just fit, but muscullar too, and i then decided my goals had moved, so now im lifting bigger, eating bigger, training harder.

    i went from a fat 36" waste at 12.5 stone, down to a 33" 12 stone, now im at 33" waste and 13 stone, so somethings working.......... i think
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    RE: Wasted Gym time 2007/07/02 23:10:35 (permalink)
    on going
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    RE: Wasted Gym time 2007/07/02 23:10:41 (permalink)
    The fire was lit under my arse in year 10, sick of being the skinny lad I wanted to change the way I saw myself. I dawdled about with ye' olde Argos dumbbells for a while and gave up pretty quick. Early last year I wised up on nutrition, found this place and cracked on with it, however I've had a lot of mishaps recently that have forced me to re-access my goals and priorities.

    I loved the time spent on BB'ing properly, and I can honestly say that overall I have never felt and looked better, I won't be able to get back to the gym for another month or so yet, but I feel as if I'm missing a limb. Eating and training well it.. it just makes me feel right lol, and I can not wait to get back to doing what I love really.
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    RE: Wasted Gym time 2007/07/03 11:26:22 (permalink)
    when i was about 15/16 i was a skinny kid. one week playing rugby on the wing a big back row forward got hold of me and threw me off the pitch. the next day my dad dusted off his old weights and had me training and drinking protein shakes.

    22 now and its kinda stuck

    i'm now a 15 and a half stone centre
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    RE: Wasted Gym time 2007/07/03 11:55:22 (permalink)
    I think it takes about a year before you really know what you're doing. Up until then you are on a steep learning curve and learn as much from mistakes as advice. But, you could say that about most work professions as well.

    By Year 2 I was able to hold my own with any regular gym user in terms of technique and knowledge.
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    RE: Wasted Gym time 2007/07/03 12:14:14 (permalink)
    Mine occured about october last year. I watched speed 1 and saw Keanu Reeves physique and thought "god he looks good, id love to be his sort of size".

    So I went onto the internet and did some research to find out what would be required to put on the required muscle mass (as I was quite skinny).

    I joined fitness first and started from there. At first I didnt really know what I was doing, but the other members were really helpful and happy to give me tips. one of them wrote me out a programme and out what I should be eating etc.

    I am now totally addicted to bb'ing. Not only because ive made some very good results (which friends always comment on), but its become a real hobby of mine. I now train every muscle part properly, eat well and with the more knowledge im building up the more focused im becoming, and I want this to become a permenant part of my life. (not just get Keanu's physique then quit).

    Im currently at 12 stone (6ft exactly), and am aiming for 14 stone.
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