Weight loss cardio advice

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Weight loss cardio advice

Height 6’2”
Weight 230lbs

In the past I have focused all my attention on gaining muscle mass and increasing strength. It is only as of recent that I have begun adding cardio to my weekly routines. I have always hated cardio I guess this is mostly because I was born with bronchial asthma and as a child have had countless breathing problems that were exercise induced. When I first started weight training I weighed around 250lbs give or take. Yes I was a fat tub of lard. After much weight training I reached at one point 270lb+. I still had about the same amount of body fat, but I increased my muscle mass tremendously. Recently I started weight lifting hard core again. When I say hard core I mean balls to the floor for 45min-hour 3-4 days per week depending on the routine im running. When I leave the gym I feel very euphoric. Almost like being stoned. The point is I bust my ass. Going into cardio I want to face it with the same intensity as I am my weight lifting. This is very hard for someone of my size and with my health condition but its not going to stop me. So far my cardio consists of a nice walk to the park. .8mile. 4laps around my park == 1mile. I walk 2 sides of the park. And jog the other 2 sides. My jogging portion starts out somewhat slow, but I increase my pace so that as I approach the end of my 1st side, I am almost running as fast as I can. This leads to a very heart pounding experience.

1mile 5280
1/4 mile 1320
1 side of track 330

I do 6 laps at the park. The total distance traveled is around 3miles. My current plan is to continue this until I am able to run 1 lap around the park (1/4 mile) none stop. Upon achieving this goal my second goal is going to be more focused on improving my lap time. At some point I want to be able to run a mile in around 6minutes.

My goal here is to drop body weight. Because I pack on muscle mass easily I don’t mind losing some muscle in the process. Then again, I don’t exactly want to lose that mass. It took allot of work to acquire it.

My routine looks like this
Monday – Chest/tris
Tuesday – Back/bis
Wednesday – cardio pre breakfast && post dinner
Thursday – cardio pre breakfast && post dinner.
Friday – legs/shoulders/abs
Saturday – as little as possible
Sunday – Cardio pre breakfast if leg recovery is complete. Leg DOMs suck

Almost all lifts are compound. I do include some isolation to break down the muscle further after the compound movements.

Diet – Im basically following toxics guide. I do allow one cheat meal every Tuesday. Currently im consuming around 2400 kcals.

GOAL - Reach 200lbs as soon as possible. At which point i will balance my cardio and weight training. At that body weight i should be around 15%+-. Im not looking to be shredded. Just able to view my abs when flexed. When i do this i will be moving back onto a 10 week bulking cycle. But this time i plan to remain focused on the body fat and try to keep it low even during bulking. After my bulking cycle i will again cut but this time shoot to lower my Body fat lower than it was before. I plan to repeat this forever.

Do you see anything wrong with hitting the cardio before breakfast and after dinner?
Would it be to my advantage to just add cardio every day including training days before breakfast?

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