What Are Some Decent/No BS Bodybuilding Books?

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2014/11/17 07:40:39 (permalink)

What Are Some Decent/No BS Bodybuilding Books?

Just wondering what some decent & accurate bodybuilding books are.  Could have info on training, diet, whatever, as long as it's not full of BS like some books are.

I've not read any by the way, including any of Arnie's, so please throw some suggestions at me.


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    Re: What Are Some Decent/No BS Bodybuilding Books? 2014/11/17 07:42:10 (permalink)
    Arnie's encyclopaedia of bodybuilding is supposed to be very good
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    Re: What Are Some Decent/No BS Bodybuilding Books? 2014/11/17 18:26:04 (permalink)
    A very very very good book ,particularly for the non enhanced lifter if Stuart McRoberts Brawn 2ND edition,isbn 9963616089,It really does a great job of covering what need covering in a great way.
    Check out the reviews.
    Uk amazon
    Us amzon for the reviews  
    Also very realistic with regards to what is achievable.  
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    Re: What Are Some Decent/No BS Bodybuilding Books? 2014/11/17 18:52:29 (permalink)
    Whilst I don't agree with everyone he says, Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength is a very good book. It's not a 'bodybuilding book', but the best way to get bigger is to get stronger and it will definitely help with that. It teaches you the most important basic movements for growth. Whilst I say basic, the majority of people actually do them pretty poorly. Good investment for a beginner-intermediate lifter. 
    Arnie's encyclopaedia was the first training book I bought. It's got nice pictures and exercise ideas for a new trainer but I didn't rate it that highly compared to something like SS. 
    I dislike the guy for where he has taken his company, but some of original Poliquin's books are pretty good. It's been years since I read any of them so I can't remember the name. Download a free e-book from somewhere, he doesn't deserve anymore money with the amount of bs he sells these days!

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    Re: What Are Some Decent/No BS Bodybuilding Books? 2014/11/17 19:04:31 (permalink)
    Have never been able to find one.  Was quite excited to get my hands on "Real Bodybuilding" which claims to be "muscle truth from 25 years in the trenches" by Ron Harris.  What a load of ****.  Massively downplays steroids and their importance.
    I would love to find a book that was truly no bull**** say it as it is from a respected trainer.  
    Dorian Yates' book was utter bollocks as well.
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