What Martial Arts?

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2009/08/02 22:40:16 (permalink)

What Martial Arts?

I want to get back into training and get myself back in shape. One problem i've faced before (asside from drinking too much!) is motivation - or rather more specifically "objectives". When I used to train all those years ago (nearly 15!) I was motivated by wanting to get girls. It worked (after a fashion) and I've now got a permanent one. I've tried going to the gym just to "get fit" but without a yardstick to measure progress by it's hard to keep motivated. You know?
The trouble is that I think i've become a bit too cosy with my life and let myself go a bit since I don't need to impress any more.  I need something new to give me objectives and targets in fitness, and of course Martial arts have belts, dans, badges whatever to mark off your progress with. I'm not a naturally aggressive character & tend to deal with fights by being some distance away from anywhere they're likely to kick off, so i'm not really interested in the whole "I can punch a mans kidneys out through his sinuses" malarky. I just want fitness, to be in a club and to maybe be able to look after myself if anyone every IS unwise enough to attempt to mug me (I usually achieve this by simply not being in places where muggings take place!).
What martials arts would fit the bill? The odd thing is that I like Krav Maga's no-nonsense workmanlike approach, but also like the spiritual dimension to a lot of martial arts - being quite a spiritual person already. I'd like to build inner peace and self-knowledge and learn some relaxation and meditation techniques whilst getting fitter and more healthy.

Please don't take what I say too literally. I'm a clown, when it's all said and done. Sometimes I say things with my tongue in my cheek to make people laugh, but please rest assured I am not laughing at *you*!

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    Re:What Martial Arts? 2009/08/03 00:46:57 (permalink)
    To be honest mate, as well on the martial arts... It will depend a lot on the club and instructor too

    I do Taekwon-do, have done for 12 years.... its not a martial arts, which is great for violent fighting, but can (despite what people think of it) and has helped me in a couple of occassions

    Krav Maga, looks very interesting to me, if I had time and there was a club local I would personally check it out, though its mainly grapples I beleive

    Something else I would like to try is Hapkido, a combination of stand up fighting and grapples, so differes from aikido slightly

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    Re:What Martial Arts? 2009/08/03 15:34:27 (permalink)
    Personally, Shotokan karate was always a good martial art from me. I dont it from a very young age, for about 4 years. Includes mostly hand-to-hand combat. Revolving around self-defence, which sounds like would be a good thing for you try. Anything else, such as noted in the before post sounds more aggressive, and reading your initial post... is not what your looking for! Well, look into it. i think it would be a great choice.
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    Re:What Martial Arts? 2009/08/03 19:44:10 (permalink)
    I agree with markjf-depends on the club and instructor.....I've done martial arts for years and love to go to watch other classes....Some instructors are quite negative in their approach-ridiculing,acting like a drill seargent,etc....Others are postive,encouraging.

     I'm sure both methods work for different individuals...

     The thing i noticed about your post is you said you want to "get back in shape" and you've "let yourself go"......

     Whilst martial arts can improve CV fitness,there's no gaurantee they will change your appearance(i know a few larger guys who do martial arts)...So belts,dan grades,etc may not provide you with the motivation you seek.
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    Re:What Martial Arts? 2009/08/03 19:51:33 (permalink)
    Where abouts are you based?

    Thai boxing will get you in shape in no time!

    "Knowledge is knowing the Tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not putting it in your fruit salad"

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    Re:What Martial Arts? 2009/08/04 12:25:28 (permalink)
    Ju-Jitsu :)
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    Re:What Martial Arts? 2009/08/12 03:48:31 (permalink)
    You may get more feedback on this one in the Fighters Forum.
    My first thought would be Thai Boxing or Kick Boxing. But as others have said, a lot can come down to the instructor.
    My old Ju Jitsu club was quite 'practical' and had good focus on conditioning, where as others may be far more 'traditional' and there could be less emphasis on the conditioning side of things.
    Really depends what's available to you in your area, and what arts hold some interest to you. Ultimately it's a case of giving different things a go to see what fits best with you.
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    Re:What Martial Arts? 2009/08/13 09:54:11 (permalink)
    I vote for muay thai,  I personally had the opportunity to fight a few in camps in Thailand and it is really a complete art with many ceremonies before the fighting. Very good for stamina, speed and flexibility.

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    Re:What Martial Arts? 2009/08/13 17:43:05 (permalink)
    As said above it all depends upon the teacher. Look for a goo teacher 1st and foremost. In my experience (both myself AND training athletes)

    Best for 'spiritual aspect': aikido, kenjutsu, kyudo or something similar. You will probably need a very good dojo for you to be able to train this aspect.
    Best or fitness: MMA
    Most practical: KM but hen there is a few levels to this. Having done a few things incl boxing etc the only thing I have used in a fight (jumped by 3 guys) is aikido.

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    Re:What Martial Arts? 2009/09/04 12:20:42 (permalink)
    All the above are good martial arts.
    However my personal opinion is that you would like a martial art that is well based on personal well being, health, fitness, character and of course, practical street defence.

    Taking these reasons into hand i suggest you have a serious look into Choi Kwang-Do
    It is a martial art developed by Grand Master Kwang Jo Choi. It is a relatively new art which takes the skills and expertise of Tae know Do (he was a high ranked master in Thae Kwon Do before he founded Choi Kwang Do. 

    The reason he decided to found his own art were becuase he found that the excessive joint locks in other arts like Thai Kwon Do were having a detrimental effect on the body and wouldlead to problems in later life. He therefore created an adapted version which was kinder on the body and overall better for health. Cue Choi Kwang Do.
    He designed the martial art using a team of scientists who's expertise were in body science and mechanics.

    Choi Kwang Do has the usual belt system that other martial arts gradings, however gradings are more often rather than every year in some martial arts. Therefore you can see progression easily and therefore more motivation to continue. Classes are fun and mixed and overall should get you working hard on a motivated path to get into shape and also build confidence. Aswell of ofcourse being able to defend yourself effectively.

    I have studied this art for years now and can recommend it well.

    Here's more information:  http://www.choikwangdo.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=44&Itemid=117

    I think this is the martial art for you!
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