What age is ok?

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2004/02/13 16:14:02 (permalink)

What age is ok?

Iv been training for a few years now and my younger brother wants to start, hes 15 years old is that too young?

I sugested he didnt max out and avoide going too heavy on certain exercises what do you think? Also can he start taking suplements like protien shakes?


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    RE: What age is ok? 2004/02/13 16:20:01 (permalink)
    That's the perfect time to start. Good advice not to start heavy. Let him take time to learnm all the exercises properly and get the diet and routine right. The weight will then come as he gets stronger. Protein is fine IMO though try and get it from food primarily and have additional workout shakes with whey. He'll grow excellently as he'll have all that natural testosterone to utilise.
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    RE: What age is ok? 2004/02/13 17:03:05 (permalink)
    ^^^^^ Yup ^^^^^
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    RE: What age is ok? 2004/02/13 18:35:02 (permalink)
    i wish i would have started when i was younger. i started when i was 19.
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    RE: What age is ok? 2004/02/14 15:47:11 (permalink)
    Cashmans spot on once again
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    RE: What age is ok? 2004/02/16 16:49:44 (permalink)
    oh dear, i started when i was 13 and i'm 15 now. i'm pretty strong but not very big. is that a problem starting too early???
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    RE: What age is ok? 2004/02/16 17:00:15 (permalink)
    its only a problem starting early if you try and attack the weights too soon.

    ie build a base for the muscle to shape and grow from.

    situps and pressups are fine to get you started then add a proper diet and some basic weights. over time your body will get bigger and stronger. just dont lifts weights if you expect results by tomorow. it takes time and dedication.
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    RE: What age is ok? 2004/02/17 19:16:55 (permalink)
    Originally posted by IrishRunt

    i wish i would have started when i was younger. i started when i was 19.

    I often wish i could go back and start lifting when i was 14/15. I didn't start until i was 23.
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    RE: What age is ok? 2004/02/18 23:03:29 (permalink)
    I think anything younger than 12 is not recommended. Heavy weight is also not recommended when starting out young do to the fact that you can have an effect on bone and ligament development. I got this info from my doctor when asking about my children. I also agree with getting your protein from a good diet rather than supplements. Remember they are supplements not substitutes.
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    RE: What age is ok? 2004/02/19 19:44:14 (permalink)
    I agree with cashman,

    testosterone is running wild at 15 it will give him a focus. however be his guide keep his feet on the ground don't let him gett carried away. just finishing my personal training exams everyone of them says not before sixteen but each individual is different. This is mainly because the bones are still growing apparently don't stop until you are 25, but if we all waited till then where would we be.
    get started by just using excercises that use his own body weight. Definately try and get good protein from natural sources e.g. egg whites chicken breasts tuna blah blah we all know them.

    watch him though mite start looking better than you ha ha
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    RE: What age is ok? 2004/02/19 23:51:02 (permalink)
    i watched my first comp (oly WL) at 7 yrs old started training soon after worked with very light weights (a broomstick) and flexibility training. but very close guidence from a commonwealth WL champion but not recomended. although no problems today (35 yrs now at best 180k front squat, british champ at 14 yrs)
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