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2015/03/05 11:54:39 (permalink)

What are you looking for in life

There are so many components to our lives, in terms of home life, social life, work, being young, being old etc. What are you looking for in your life?
For me, it has taken me some time to get to what I really believe I want out of life, I spent years working hard at my job wanting to be really successful, For a while I put a lot of effort into training looking to achieve, in my eyes, the perfect physique.
However with everything that has happened over the last few years, I am able to take a bit of a step back and if you want, some what of a reality check and below is what I really want out of life.
I want to keep my family, my wife and two children, close to me, I want to be considered an integral part of their lives now and for the future, I their health, I want enough money that we can live comfortably. I want for my wife and my legacy to be 2 children who grow up healthy and happy, and with what we consider good morals. I want them to find happiness and to share that with us and their future families.
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Re: What are you looking for in life 2015/03/05 12:15:15 (permalink)
All I ever wanted really was to be successful and have nice things for the benefit of my wife and kids.

Since we have split I find myself at a bit of a crossroads.  Part of me feels like I slogged my guts out to create a better life for us and no matter what I earned it was never enough (I doubled my salary during the 8 years we was together).  This leaves me thinking about what I really want to do in life and should I ditch my career and re-train as something totally different.
Another part of me see's this as an opportunity to get stuck in and really concentrate on my career and be even more successful.  Without a nagging wife to get on me at me for working long hours etc.
I suppose I just want my kids to have the best life and it's scary that an element of that is out of my control now, and I want to be happy.
Having a good physique and conquering certain physical challenges helps me with that happiness.
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Re: What are you looking for in life 2015/03/06 00:01:19 (permalink)
Money and more money
Dr Z
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Re: What are you looking for in life 2015/03/06 08:58:44 (permalink)
Happiness for myself and my family,  While this has always been the core of my 'ethos' I've never felt so strongly about it as I do now.  
I've spent time setting life goals, chasing them and achieving some. I'm now totally convinced that traditional Goal / Strive / achieve / contentment cycle is a Class A way to live a life you are not satisfied with.
 When we 'want' something, the reason we chase that thing is because we feel it will bring contentment, but it NEVER does, it simply means (if you play that game) you go on to the next goal,  Yes great!  You are such a go-getter, Good for you!  ...But you are no closer to the contentment that you were and still are chasing in the first place.  
The key is to (cheesey and cliched)  to put your greed aside and learn truly appreciate everything you have, and specifically realise it is infinitely more valuable than anything you could 'chase'.  
Of course there are periods in the 'formative' years of your life when you do need to strive, set goals and achieve them, with your Education, setting up your career etc ...  but these things should only be a part of a much bigger thing (your life!), they should not define it. 

No, Not that Dr Z.  Please don't bother PM'ing me for 'Price Lists'  You have the wrong guy.  
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Re: What are you looking for in life 2015/03/06 09:02:32 (permalink)
Health.....nothing else really matters.

"Never miss a good opportunity to shut the f**k up"
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Re: What are you looking for in life 2015/03/06 13:39:07 (permalink)☄ Helpfulby daKensta 2015/03/07 05:10:17
I'm never really looking for anything...but I think I'm a bit of the odd one out like that. I've never been ambitious or driven, never set myself life goals. To me, life just is what it is and I go with the ebb and flow of whatever it chucks at me. Some of it is bad but most of it is good and it's done me no harm so far in life with this type of outlook.

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning how to dance in the rain.
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Re: What are you looking for in life 2015/03/06 14:59:54 (permalink)
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Re: What are you looking for in life 2015/03/06 19:20:33 (permalink)
Inner peace.
Good post Dr Z.
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Re: What are you looking for in life 2015/03/07 07:36:22 (permalink)
For me and my family to be happy and healthy. All the money in the world can buy good health or true love.
I used to chase money, these days i live slower and granted i have nowhere near the money i once had but i have time with my family and we are all healthy which after a few scares last year is priceless. 

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