What do you think about this Cycle?

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2005/07/22 14:53:47 (permalink)

What do you think about this Cycle?

Im going to try the following:
Wk 1-8 Sust @ 500mgs EW
Wk 1-8 EQ @ 400mgs EW
Wk 1-8 Masteron @ 400mgs EW
Wk 5-11 Winny @ 100mgs ED
Clen and E/C/A rotation

what do you think? what kind of outcomes expected..such as more of a cutting cycle or bulking? thanks

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    RE: What do you think about this Cycle? 2005/07/22 15:04:43 (permalink)
    ok gonna jump in and try with what ive learnt so far.

    from i waht i believe -and found EQ takes a while to kick in mat so only 8 weeks not gonna be enough to get the most from it.
    but others might find different.
    and masteron is supposed to be amazing but only really works if your BF is really low!!

    am i right so far guys?
    first time up to actuallty advise... not sure i liked the experience so farLOL!!


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    RE: What do you think about this Cycle? 2005/07/22 16:02:31 (permalink)
    everything is cool mate, but dont use masteron, use the EQ only.

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    RE: What do you think about this Cycle? 2005/07/22 16:57:39 (permalink)
    would say at least 12 wks for EQ but even then it still doesnt do a lot for me.
    and drop the masteron as said.

    should get fairly lean gains from that when the winny kicks in
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    RE: What do you think about this Cycle? 2005/07/22 17:06:51 (permalink)

    I will soon be switching to test and eq. In my opinion you need to frontload the eq by 3*(weekly dose) to achive even blood concentrations from week 1. If you dont then it will take approx 6 weeks to reach peak concentration. This is due to the very long ester. This is why it takes a user so long to feel a result with it if not front loaded. It will also take 4 weeks before you can start PCT with a 400mg a week dose. Perhaps you should run the sust 2 weeks longer than the eq. Good luck anyhow.
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    RE: What do you think about this Cycle? 2005/07/22 18:08:18 (permalink)
    ok i am just starting i am trying to take all the actions your supposed to take to be clean and carefull. But i would like to know what experienced people think about my cycle. my workout partner gave this stuff to me because he has been taking it alot and its showing very good results.

    10 week cycle of fenaplex stack with test 250

    im sorry i dont know the correct termanology for how to explain my cycle but hopefully you all can get the picture from what i have said here.

    i weight 190 pounds and i am already ripped up i just wanna get alot bigger, like 210lbs i have been consuming
    right at 4000 calories a day with protein shakes 3 times a day.

    working out 5 times a week different muscle groups daily.
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