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When is 500mg test E not enough?

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2014/12/15 22:02:53 (permalink)

When is 500mg test E not enough?

Thinking about this earlier, when have you (if at all) found that 500mg of test e per week is not enough?  A certain bodyweight where you feel you need more or......?

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    Re: When is 500mg test E not enough? 2014/12/17 09:06:54 (permalink)
    Difficult to give a defintive answer to that mate.
    Down to the individual, some will continue to grow on cycles of 500mg a week , others will find they require more.
    Not down to a specific body weight, more down to the goals of the user.
    Personally I find I still grow well on 500mg Test, I dont see the point in simply ramping doses up for the sake of it.
    Its a matter of experimenting to find what works for you.
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    Re: When is 500mg test E not enough? 2014/12/17 09:24:09 (permalink)
    ^^ what he said ..
    It is all down to individual goals and how you react to the dose you are on when deciding wether to increase next cycle ..
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    Re: When is 500mg test E not enough? 2014/12/17 11:13:16 (permalink)
    It's not a matter of not being able to grow any more, it's a matter of when progress slows down to a crawl.
    Most people never reach their natural genetic limit, they start using gear long before getting there because at that point gains are already pathetically slow. Similarly, most never really reach the point when they can't grow on 500mg of test, they just use more because gains are slowing down too much.
    I'm 5'9" 200lbs and can still grow just fine on 500mg of test.
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    Re: 2014/12/17 17:40:04 (permalink)
    Anytime I've taken 500mg I've grown however on 1G a week I feel much better and stronger, unsure get if I'll gain more in size.
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    Re: 2014/12/20 01:35:27 (permalink)
    tbh i've started taking less test and more of other types of gear!
    test just gives me gyno mate so i have started to substitute masteron for test in my cycles. i'm currenlty taking tren n test plus tri tren plus mast e. so likely taking more tren than test at the moment
    as for your original question - i found that upping the test levels just gave me more unwanted side effects and it was better to up the other meds or add other med into the test cycle rather than just up the test. i think test only cycles are fine when you just want size without planning or thinking too much about it but eventually you start thinking - one of two ways:
    either MORE size in which case you'll add deca to your test only cycle
    or less fat in which case you'll add tren to the cycle
    then obviously you have the fine tuning which comes with all the other meds, mast, eq, halo, methyltren etc
    in short simply increasing the dose of one product for me just increases the side effect more than the benefits - to get more from your cycle IMHO you need to add a new product

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    Re: 2014/12/20 22:57:13 (permalink)
    what if its time to change substance?
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    Re: 2014/12/21 11:48:36 (permalink)
    i agree i would ratheestr add something else into the mix , wich i have found out i upped my dose from 500mg a week t e to 1mg a week test e and deca from 400 to 800 and i personally think i was getting better gains from the lower dose although i felt better on the higher dose
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