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Wide Grip Chins

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2009/07/21 01:24:13 (permalink)

Wide Grip Chins

Hey guys,
I've never been able to do a wide grip chin and it's prob top  priority for me now as I think it looks so impressive just banging sets out of these.
To give you  abit of background on myself i'm 27, 6 foot 4 weighing in at 19 stone - been training for about a year and a half properly and have put on about a stone and a half in that time - pretty cleanly and my lifts have all improved but i'm just at a loss as to how I can get to wide grip chins - i'll give you a few of my litfs below to show the sort of strength I have but I fail miserably ever time I try and chin :(
Bench 130kg's
Deadlift 190kg's
Squatt 170kg's
Lat Pull Down 70kg's
Any advice on what I can do????

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    Re:Wide Grip Chins 2009/07/21 08:16:29 (permalink)
    start with your grip a little narrower, it will still target the lats and gradually build yourself up that way, then if you like take it wider until youre at a point that is good for you, i personally only go a little wider than shoulder width to get a good enough workout.

    Pull-ups are something that can improve pretty quickyl with practice, IME anyway.

    chris e
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    Re:Wide Grip Chins 2009/07/21 11:21:20 (permalink)
     it's prob top  priority for me now as I think it looks so impressive just banging sets out of these.

    Who cares what looks good leave the ego at the door. If it was me I would keep doing wide grip pulldowns untill i got to 10 @ 120 kg which is around your weight. From the stats you posted you only ding 70 kg on the pulldown which is way under your own body weight no wonder you cant do pullups.
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    Re:Wide Grip Chins 2009/07/21 14:37:57 (permalink)
    id start with negatives. thats how i got over it. now im on weighted wide grips. did not take long, just need to convince yourself its not that hard. 5x5 negatives, then bump up to a few singles every now and then keeping the negatives in routine once a week. evenutally youll get it.
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    Re:Wide Grip Chins 2009/07/22 10:34:34 (permalink)
    Do you have a training partner? If so then ask him to assist you with pull ups. My gym partner is awsome at them and he's helped me improve so that now i'm doing weighted pulls also. Put your feet together and do as many as you can then when you struggle ask him to help you slowly up doing 8 - 10 reps.

    Once you can do them on your own then you should add weight.

    Even try just doing them to failure and eventually over time you will be able to do more. If you don't have a training partner very lightly push yourself up and continue this till you can do it without, although i'd recommend the best way is to do them slowly with soem assistance.
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