Wishing to ditch blubber but KEEP muscle

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2004/01/26 10:14:43 (permalink)

Wishing to ditch blubber but KEEP muscle

I put on a bit (lot?) of surplus before Christmas while building some mass. It worked well and I upped my max on everything quite considerably via Frankie's routine ...

I now want to loose body fat but not loose muscle - I realise I can't loose bodyfat and gain muscle btw.

Quick questions while I think of a routine:

1) should I be doing HIIT cardio for, say 20 mins - or 60% effort for 45 mins?

2) I'm thinking 3 x cardio, 3 x weights alternating with Sunday rest - sound sensible?

3) I don't really want to drop my weight - should I just aim for same weight and work on upping the reps in each set or should I in fact drop the weight from the start?

NB - I'll be upping my protein and slowly decreasing carbs. I envisage doing this for around 3 months in order to loose 30lbs fat?


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    RE: Wishing to ditch blubber but KEEP muscle 2004/01/26 13:21:04 (permalink)
    I'm in the same boat as you mate. I'm 6'1" and now weigh about 21 stone (about 295 lbs). When I started "to reduce", I was 22 stone and 11 lbs (about 320 lbs). I've continued to do Frankie's 5x5 routine but I've also upped the cardio quite a bit now. I'm now doing about 20 mins of cardio after my weights workout (very hard work!!) and I also do it another 2 to 3 days in between without touching the weights and to be honest, I haven't noticed any drop in the weights and am feeling much better at the moment.

    I also bought the Nutrition eBook advertised on this site and paid for a tailor made meal plan from James (one of the moderators) to help with the diet and the FAT seems to be reducing (gradually!!).

    I've still got a 56" chest and can still bench around 180kgs for 5x5 reps but my waist has dropped from 46" to 42" so on the whole, I'm pretty happy.
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    RE: Wishing to ditch blubber but KEEP muscle 2004/01/26 13:21:48 (permalink)
    This is what I did to drop my weight after I went on a 12 week building cycle.

    My diet changed like this…
    Week 1 & 2…rather than cutting carbs the first week I went to complex carbs for my last 4 meals.
    Weeks 3-8… I cut from total carbs from every meal slightly.
    Nighttime meals were a night protein drink with water.

    My workout routine changed as well…
    1st Light cardio
    2nd Good stretch
    3rd Light warm up
    4th Then I would go to a 3 exercises 4 sets of 15 routine (with exception of calves & traps)
    1 shoulders
    2 back, traps
    3 chest, calves
    4 off
    5 biceps, triceps
    6 legs
    Also instead of a protein drink or meal before my workout I had a glass of juice with 5 grams of Glutamine before and the same after.
    I did miss my target but I was pleased.
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