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Women and T3

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2014/11/21 23:34:34 (permalink)

Women and T3

Hey Mates, my buddies wife tried clen and had great results but could not deal with the appetite gain. She is not in great shape but has clean diet and trains often. She just cannot lose the weight. She asked me what else besides clen she could use and I thought maybe T3. I have heard mixed reviews for women on T3, has anyone here known a woma to take it with good/bad results. Thanks

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    Re: Women and T3 2014/11/22 13:59:41 (permalink)
    As far as I`m aware the issues with using T3 for women are the same as they are for men.
    Lower doses would be recommended IMO. 
    25 mcg/day should be suffice.
    It would be a good idea to start lower, 12.5 mcg/day.
    Interesting that she experienced increase in appetite with Clen, I get the opposite effect.
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    Re: Women and T3 2014/12/07 23:27:34 (permalink)

    There is no varying side effects In male
    To female using t3.
    25mg is a good dose to use once a day, splitting the pill in half 6hrs apart.
    Always try and do the lowest dosage possible to achieve results. This combined with clen is great for fat reduction.
    Some females will run t3 and clen together, or you can cycle them 2
    Weeks on, 2 weeks off. You could also perhaps try ecas instead or other different fat burning stacks. I would steer clear of Dnp.....
    I too am surprised like Dumbat that she had an increase in appetite? Usually it has the opposite effect....what dose was she running? You can get appetite suppressants that are effective
    Too.....also when is she taking the clen? If it wasn't a split dose because of the half life she may end of hungry mid afternoon then binge,hence seeming like an increase In appetite....

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    Re: Women and T3 2014/12/11 19:43:41 (permalink)
    My wife uses T3 25mcg upon waking up .. 
    And also 5iu of GH pre bed eod 
    Keeps any weight gain at bay but does not make here loose muscle derision 
    She tried sibs and clens ephs and wasent a fan to harsh for her
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    Re: Women and T3 2014/12/15 13:49:02 (permalink)
    MY Mrs was on dhacks t3 for about a year ended up in hospital acidic blood really fuarking scary
    but shes only about 6 stone 5'2 and my guess is she was taking close to 75mcg a day and i had no controll over it as she was sayiong she was only taking one tab.
    like thoon said 25mcg a day is perfectly fine.
    shes propa sensititive to stims like alot of women so clen,. eph is out of the question for her.
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    Re: Women and T3 2014/12/19 02:32:21 (permalink)
    Also i always make here use pharma bits 
    Mine dident get on with clen at all
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