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Worked out the calories, but what to eat?

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2014/11/01 09:02:53 (permalink)

Worked out the calories, but what to eat?


Basically I've been training for years now, always got big but gained a lot of fat along with it..

I haven't trained for around 3 months since starting a new intense job..

Since then I've lost a lot of mass and body fat and have noticed the women are paying a lot more attention to me.

Basically I want to get back into lifting but without gaining the body fat.

I've worked out my calories using if it fits your macros i just need help regarding what to eat exactly as I used to have 6 eggs in the morning etc 2 shakes chicken rice etc etc and as I said I always got fat.

Carb: grams per day - 403.4 per meal - 67.2

Protein: grams per day - 148.7 - per meal - 24.8

Fat: grams per day - 52.1 - per meal - 8.7

Fiber: grams per day - 35-44 - per meal - 6 - 7.

Calories: per day 2677
Per meal: 446

If anyone could help me with a diet plan that would be superb.

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    Re: Worked out the calories, but what to eat? 2014/11/03 17:42:45 (permalink)
    google is a powerful tool , u can google any food and see how much calories ,protein etc is in that food , workout weights etc you then have a diet to work with )
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    Worked out the calories, but what to eat? 2014/11/03 18:14:07 (permalink)
    Eggs, chicken, rice and shakes are all fine choices for gaining without getting fat. Just log everything and make sure you're within your targets each day.

    Lift heavy, throw in some hiit/conditioning sessions and job done.
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    Re: Worked out the calories, but what to eat? 2014/11/06 13:03:37 (permalink)
    • Go low carb on your off days, but maintain high pro and eat at maintenance.
    • Target your bulking meals post workout (not just the next meal but the next two or three)
    • Keep your BF under control using fasted low intensity cardio (maybe take some BCAAs before to reduce catabolism).
    • Stick to heavy compound lifts and ditch isolation movements.
    • Be patient.  Staying lean while gaining takes time.

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    Re: Worked out the calories, but what to eat? 2014/11/06 13:42:21 (permalink)
    without knowing your weight the statement might be off but the carbs look too high. 
    you're aiming for a lean bulk/body recomp so id just be slightly over in cals and include cardio to keep the body fat off. 
    As dylan said, lean whilst gaining takes time and patience is key, some body fat will be gained but you can keep it minimal. 
    Take a photo of now in a few stances, review the weight every 2 weeks and make alterations as needed, then I would do another photo for comparison in 3 months. 
    The weight and mirror/photo will tell you alot.
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