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2018/10/31 16:56:45 (permalink)

Workout advice

Hi all, new to this forum. Based in High Wycombe, looking for a new forum to share and learn.

Been training on and off for years, months where I was consistent and months where I was lazy (more the latter). Want to get back on it properly and get that ripped strong look once and for all! Full time office worker, so spend most of the day on my ass, and father of of one, so don't want to spend my life in the gym.
In the early years I fanied around with random bodybuilding routines that got me nowhere, other than getting me from a fat teen to a slim adult. Then mid 20s done Stronglifts for a while, ended up getting bench to 95kg, Deadlift 145kg, Squat 105kg, and then getting a foot and shoulder injury and giving up. Early 30s, tried 531 boring but big, but for some reason never got into it, and then tried a PHAT routine which I think was just too much gym time for me and could not keep on it.

* Current stats
Age: 34
Height: 5ft 9
Weight: 158lbs @ 13% body fat

* Aim
- Get stronger and look more aesthetic 
- Add 10-12lbs lean mass
- Develop my chest properly, always felt my chest was under developed
- Develop core for more visible abs

* Routine
One of Kinobody's variants focusing more on chest and legs: 
- alternate workout A and B with a day of rest in between
- progressive overloading
- reverse pyramid training

Workout A
- Incline bench press  5, 6, 8, 8, 8
- Flat bench press 6, 8, 10
- Lateral raises 3sets x 8-12reps
- Skull crushers 3sets x 8-12 reps
- Hanging Leg Raises 3sets x 8-12reps

Workout B
- Squat 5, 6, 8, 8, 8
- Calfs 3sets 8-12reps
- Wighted Chin Ups 5, 6, 8
- Bent over flys 3sets x 8-12reps
- Barbel curls 3sets x 8-12reps

* Diet
Lean gains
- BCAA early morning before and after workout
- Meals at 12pm, 3pm and 7pm
- 3400 calories training days (150g protein + 54g fat + 580g carbs)
- 2200 calories non training days (150g protein + 100g fat + 175g carbs)

How's it all look? 
Am i orientating myself properly or am I off? I'm in two minds about going solo again and failing.. or taking the plunge and signing up to a cross fit gym and doing workouts with them and following the lean gains diet.

All advice will be much appreciated.


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Re: Workout advice 2018/11/07 20:50:35 (permalink)
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Don't do crossfit, we could open a can of worms here but I don't rate it.
Is that diet from whole foods?
Training wise if your just starting out again I would do starting strength and reap them beginner gains all over again. Simple stuff with a good diet works very well.
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Re: Workout advice 2018/11/08 11:20:37 (permalink)
Yes defo whole foods. Chicken, beef, turkey, eggs, lean lamb and pork, avocados, lots of veg, potatoes, brown rice, all type of legumes/beans, chickpea/lentil pastas, etc. will try to avoid gluten and processed food as much as possible. What's everybody thoughts on leangains and intermittent fasting?

Was also thinking about the lean gains routine (all reverse pyramid):

Deadlift 2x4-6
Overhead press 2x6-8
Weighted chin up 2x4-6
Rows 2x6-8

Bench press 2x5-8
Incline dumbell press 2x6-8
Barbell curl 2x6-8
pushdowns 2x6-8

Squat  2x5-8
Leg curl 2x6-8
Leg extension  2x6-8
Calfs 1x12-16

I understand that probably starting strength or stronglifts might be a better start to regain some strength and get back into it, but I really don't fancy squatting 3 times a week (as one of my injuries is on the ball of my right foot, and it still gets aggrevated easily, so rather lay off it as much as possible - i've had surgery but still not what it used to be), plus something with more variety makes it more "fun". Looking for a mix of strength and aesthetics.

I guess as long as you lift and are consistent, it doesn't really matter, but just wondering which of these two routines would be better/more efficient at building mass and strength.


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Re: Workout advice 2018/11/08 12:46:24 (permalink)
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That lean gains program looks OK to me. Anything based on the 3 main lifts should do you well though.

1RM's @ BW 90kg:
Squat - 175kg / Bench - 125kg / Deadlift - 210kg / Strict OHP - 85kg
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Re: Workout advice 2018/11/14 11:43:29 (permalink)
The routine looks ok, not something I would follow but we are training for different goals. However as you said it looks fun, has variety and if you train hard and eat well you will get benefit.
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