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Workout critique required please.

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2006/07/14 11:59:05 (permalink)

Workout critique required please.

Workout critique required please.

I’m cutting at the moment. Consuming around 2,200 – 2400 caloris per day. I alternatre between weights one day and 30-40 minutes cardio the other. I’m 14st4, 5ft 11ish and have been training for about 3 – 4 months however only REALLY taking my diet seriously the last week or so ( Carrying a fair bit of body fat and eager to change.

I have three different weight workouts, one biceps/back, another triceps/chest and another legs/shoulders. For each session I have 4 different exercises for each muscle ie eight in total per session. For each exercise I do three sets of 6 reps for two weeks and 10 reps for the next two weeks.

Bicep – Hammer Curls, EZ Bar Curls, Incline Curls, Alternate Curls
Back – One armed row, barbell row, lat pulldown, Seated Row
Chest – Flat Press, Incline Press, Flat Flyes, Butterfly
Tricep – Flat dumbell extension, Tricep pushdown (cables), reverse grip tricep pushdown (cables)
Shoulders – Shrugs, Arnold Dumbell Press, Front Dumbell Raise, Side Dumbell Raise
Legs – Squats, Dumbell Squats, Leg Extensions, Calf Extensions

I have dumbbells and a reasonably good multi-gym. To be honest some days I don’t get past the second set on the third exercise cos my muscles are burnt out real good after paying really good attention to good form and slow reps. Am I covering enough ground with regards to exercises here? All recommendations and advice on workouts / diet are very welcome.

Thanks in advance

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