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2015/01/09 10:23:47 (permalink)

Your Top Three Most Inspirational People

Give this one some thought.  Name three people, past or present, dead or alive, famous people, people you know personally, family members or people you've never met who've inspired you the most in your life.  And why?
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Re: Your Top Three Most Inspirational People 2015/01/09 10:39:13 (permalink)
2 grandparents and one close friend. Grandparents because of the men they were and friend due to his "acheivements" in WWii and in long distance running. He was a member of the French Algerian resistance and as hard but fair a man as Ive ever met. He held world records for endurance/long distance running in over 60's, over 70's and I think over 80's. Not talking marathin distances eiher. He held world records in his 70's for 100km distance.
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Re: Your Top Three Most Inspirational People 2015/01/09 12:05:51 (permalink)☄ Helpfulby redwing 2015/01/09 19:41:56
I can honestly say the first person who came into my head is Rightyho from this forum. The dedication he showed a few years ago in going from being a non-mathematician to getting a (Masters?) degree in Maths and more has always stayed with me as a model of what hard work can achieve.
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Re: Your Top Three Most Inspirational People 2015/01/09 12:49:23 (permalink)
Difficult to say.  The ones I look up to (Ranulph Fiennes, Ian Adamson, Lance Armstrong, Steve Jobs) I don't really know, I just know what I've read about them which has always inspired me.  But that's not to say I necessarily find them inspirational as it could be BS (Steve Jobs is an exception I suppose).
My grandfather was a tough old bugger and incredibly generous, so I would say him.  My fiance also inspires me daily by pushing me to keep doing things I may have stopped without the nagging...

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Re: Your Top Three Most Inspirational People 2015/01/09 13:04:10 (permalink)
My Mum - brought me up to be a good guy, she had a really tough child hood but came out an amazing women.

Walkie - he inspired me to train again, not only through his actions and progress, but he was really helpful . He's freakishly similar to me but also ( compared to me) what I would class as successful. I always say , he's me if i had made an effort in life

Stephen Hawking - his attitude to life and to keep a fantastic sense of humour despite all the reasons he has to be bitter. He just seems to make a joke and get on with life. Thats how i try to live my life. No matter how bad things get, there's always some one whos got it worse and still doesnt complain.


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