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advice for a 17year old girl

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2007/06/15 14:17:00 (permalink)

advice for a 17year old girl

I have a friend who is 17 years old and is wanting to shed some fat and get a little fitter. I have been talking to her about helping her out with advice and some sort of plan for her to follow through help off you guys.

Basically she is a overweight for her age and height. She loves eating healthy however the family is large and takeaway plays a big part for the adults.

I have advised her so far to join the gym and go every other day whilst implementing a clean calorie deficit diet.

I have advised to do 45 minutes cardio at 65% of her max heart rate.

She gets plenty sleep as she loves her bed and at the minute thats all I have for her. Anything else I/she will be very grateful.


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    Tony Barnes
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    RE: advice for a 17year old girl 2007/06/15 15:00:27 (permalink)
    Resistance training is probably more appropriate IMO - get her to build some lean tissue rather than just try and burn away fat to leave fat, skin and bones.

    Diet-wise clearly the less takeaways the better, but if needs must, chinese can be pretty acceptable - stir fry, etc. A calorie defecit may not be needed to start with when she begins training - particularly as she'll have no idea what cals are and aren't required. The extra energy expenditure will help shift the weight (this is where the defecit comes from), a combination of increased output and decreased calorie intake isn't great, particularly at newby stage IMO.

    I'm having issues making my girlfriend understand that not eating much and training don't go hand in hand, she's half listening, but the continued ignorance spread by the media WRT eating faff all to get slim is a battle to counter. You want high energy throughput - so good intake, good workouts, small calorie defecit.

    Final thing - tell her to throw out her scales. They are not what she should be looking at, with muscle weighing more than fat, they are depressing if that's where you are sourcing motivation. If she does the above, weight won't fall off, in fact, by the time she's in great shape, she may even weigh more than she does now (lol, depending on how she is now!!). What she looks like is what's important.
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    RE: advice for a 17year old girl 2007/06/15 16:12:19 (permalink)
    45 minutes of cardio? How often and how much exercise was she doing before that?

    Do you think she'll be comfortable in a gym? I know I certainly wasn't comfortable at 17.. and I already knew what I was doing by then, so I'm not sure how OK she'll be as a beginner...

    Is she considering doing any sort of resistance training? As Tony mentioned above - she'll probably reach her goals faster if she includes some resistance training in her routine. Yoga, pilates or some other stretching type of thing is also very good to do and she may feel more comfortable doing that in a class than say running on a treadmill for 20 minutes in front of everyone. Cardio can be difficult to keep up if you dislike it, so she'll be most likely to stick to the form of cardio she feels most comfortable with. We don't want her dreading going to the gym type thing..

    If she wants to do cardio at home then she can go walking or jogging or she can even invest in a mini-stepper. I've got one and they're excellent really and don't take up much space. Get some music on or watch TV and it won't be too boring lol.

    Dancing classes can be another 'fun' way to do cardio...

    Can you give us her stats so we have a better idea of what needs to be done and how quickly please?

    None of us can give you a diet for her to follow without first having a much better idea of how she normally eats. An idea of portions, frequency, type of foods, etc. will help us give her more tailored advice so she's most likely to stick to eating properly.

    If she's not already familiar with 'how to eat well' then you can give her some articles to read. If she gains an interest in Nutrition and understand the way it works then it'll be easier for her to manage her diet properly, get to and maintain a healthy weight that she's happy with.

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    RE: advice for a 17year old girl 2007/06/15 18:11:44 (permalink)
    okay some more information is that she is around 5'1" and she weighs around 9.5 stone.

    Her weekly diet consists of toast n jam, cereal, sandwiches, crisps, stir fry, pasta n sauce, chicken, chips, veg, fishfingers, salad, jacket pots, roast dinners, some fruit, yoghurts, biscuits.

    She normally misses out breakfast though.

    I can see this needs improving so i will let this in your capable hands.
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    RE: advice for a 17year old girl 2007/06/15 18:25:39 (permalink)
    Make sure she finds a form of cardio she likes, i find if you can help indentify one then weight loss is 100x easier! learning to love to row, bike or stair climb can be pretty tough, and leads to failure often IMO.

    If she would consider doing weights (once assured she won't become like arnie) then thats perfect, i find the best way to motivate this is to say "You'll be able to eat more if you lift weights" - They're soon benching

    Diet wise - A bodybuilding diet is probably not ideal since its awkward and gets in the way of things (Eating every 3 hours is hassle for most). So cut out the junk(Crisps, chips, biscuits, jam) and increase veggie intake and have fruit as a daily desert to help get that 5 a day. Avoid high GI carbs, so switch to wholegrain rice/pasta/bread - Although bread isnt very satisfying IMO and i'd rather have a chicken salad than a chicken sandwich.

    If she follows that i think she may see some nice results, also means she won't be calorie counting. This is all vauge simply because i think most people need 'easy' diets that they can maintain for a long period of time, losing weight with the hassle or thoughts of "whats my next meal?".

    Eating regularly, drinking often and not being lazy all helps. Walk to get that daily paper, dont drive.

    Alternatively, take up the bb'ers diet - Her choice i guess. Good luck to her!

    P.s. EAT BREAKFAST!!!!
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