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advice on building for a n00b

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2005/07/27 18:59:49 (permalink)

advice on building for a n00b

hi, I want to build muscle and quick, but i dont know how. I have seen so many ads about build it in 6 weeks but i know there rubbish! I have dumbells n that, but i want to know what kind of "addon" i can take to help me through. Sometimes, when i do i feel the muscle burn but i can only do one or two at the burn point, some people say i should be doing Loads more to build up any muscles.

What would you suggest. I want to work on my biceps and chest muscles most

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    RE: advice on building for a n00b 2005/07/27 19:26:00 (permalink)
    welcome to MT! take a look around the beg section, and see if any of the posts help you, just a tip, post your specs, like height and chest, and so on, if you look at the posts you will see what i mean. As well as weights you will have to look at you diet

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    RE: advice on building for a n00b 2005/07/27 19:48:42 (permalink)
    Search for a routine u can do with your DB's, read about nutrition (u need protein to build muscle) and inform yourself. Building muscle quick is very hard (or impossible), it's more of a long-term thing.
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    RE: advice on building for a n00b 2005/07/27 20:26:49 (permalink)
    Dont worry too much about when people talk about the 'burn' or the 'pump'.So long as you're steadily lifting more weight or doing more reps,thats the main thing.I agree with Tzzzz when he says building muscle takes time,but having said that,the gains you make when you're a beginner should be fairly rapid.It's when you get more experienced and start plateauing that you have to fight for every bit of progress.
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    RE: advice on building for a n00b 2005/07/28 01:48:55 (permalink)
    I agree with cleg, i am a beginner, i tell you i make more gains every week, tough i dont know how many reps you do, i do like 3 x 10 reps barbells, within abuot 1 week i change the weights to increase them, if your a beginner like me you will feel stronger within 1-2 weeks of starting and when you feel the current weight is getting light and when you do 3 x 10 reps is getting easier increase weight and it will increase strength ;)
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    RE: advice on building for a n00b 2005/07/28 08:03:57 (permalink)
    What other equipment do you have? Do you plan on joining a gym?

    What are your stats?

    As a beginner, progress can happen quickly and you'll go through a lot of change, things will slow down eventually.

    What you have to do is sort out a routine you like and that fits in with whatever limitations you have. The other thing you need to get sorted is your diet as this plays a very big role in things in my opinion. Another is your mind-set...make your goals clear, stay posititve, focus, keep motivation up so you stick to things, etc. And then you have to make sure you get enough rest so that you can recover properly and not go overboard and overworked.

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