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advice on how to split my dose :)

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2009/07/24 12:04:17 (permalink)

advice on how to split my dose :)

hi guys,im wanting some advice on how to split this cycle up.i have done 500mg sus each week in the past so thats one jab monday and friday....
im now doing 500mg off sustanon,and 400mg deca a week so thats going to be 6 ml a week as the deca is 100mg per ml,and i only have 2.5ml syringes to use,how would i go about doing it thanks.....
does this look ok
500mg (2ml) sus monday
400 mg (4ML) deca friday?????

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    Re:advice on how to split my dose :) 2009/07/24 12:08:54 (permalink)
    Can you not get some 3ml syringes mate?
    I'd do 250mg sus 200mg Deca on Mon and again on Fri.
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    Re:advice on how to split my dose :) 2009/07/25 17:56:30 (permalink)
    shame you deca is only 100mg/ml this is why i prefer ug deca.

    Get some 5ml syringes can go wrong then.
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    Re:advice on how to split my dose :) 2009/07/26 06:12:12 (permalink)
    I agree with didless on the 5 ml syriges just becuase they make for an easier inject especially if you have to one hand it, having the plunger so far back just makes for more wiggling IME.
    but as far as the splitting of the meds, I would rec that you try not to spike your blood levels so much, try to keep them more even, IMHO for greater effect and less sides, and I'm pretty sure you'll find that to be the general consensus around here. just mix them in the same barrel hitting both sust and deca on mon and then again on thurs.


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    Re:advice on how to split my dose :) 2009/07/28 10:21:45 (permalink)
    Yeap bigger [font="verdana, geneva, arial, helvetica, sans-serif; -webkit-border-horizontal-spacing: 1px; -webkit-border-vertical-spacing: 1px; "]syringes, max 3ml per injection site. 

    Find a local needle exchange,  look online to order. 
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    Re:advice on how to split my dose :) 2009/07/28 11:30:16 (permalink)

    Skip needle exchange because:

    1 - you may be confused for a junkie

    2 - if you tell them what its for, thats another statistic to go in the 'steroids are a problem in the UK' reports.

    Pins and barrels don't cost much and are delivered to your door.
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