advice would be appreciated!

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2007/06/06 17:37:27 (permalink)

advice would be appreciated!

Hello, I would really appreciate some advise if anyone can help:
I am a 32 year old male 5'10 and 155lbs. After gradually giving up boozing over the last two years (going from binging every weekend to perhaps once a month to nothing 6 months ago) I have spent 6 months doing 70% Cardio/30% weights and achieved my goal of losing small areas of fat and achieveing muscle definiton elsewhere. Weight remained the same which was also part of my goal.
2 weeks ago I began my new (initial) goal of gaining 7lbs in 4-6 months. After studying this site I put together a diet and new training regime and was delighted to gain around 2lbs in the first 2 weeks. The diet especially was a big change for me and was a struggle at first as I wasn't a big eater but I have really got into it and am fine now.
The problem however is this:
I had been on a waiting list for some minor surgery (its a long story which I won't bore you with). I had no idea when it would happen but found out last week that I would be going today. I didn't appreciate the extent of what was happening until today when I have walked away with an inch long chunk removed from my leg (between ankle and rear calf) and 10 stitches and also a piece half the size removed from my chest with 7 stitches. I have been told that I can't do a thing for 5 days and no exercise for 2 weeks until the stitches come out. It will probably be a good month before I can weight train my legs. I will be devasted to have to stop my current diet/training as I am really chuffed with the progress I am making. I see that I have the following options:

- drop the diet and training altogther and wait a month to heal
- continue with the diet and train (at home with dumbbells not in standing position) unaffected areas only like shoulders, lats, biceps, triceps, forearms etc. (I would have to make sure they didn't aggrevate the chest though).
- continue with the diet only for 2 weeks and start training again gradually after 2 weeks.

I am really unsure of how to proceed and would really appreciate any advice.

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    RE: advice would be appreciated! 2007/06/06 17:43:58 (permalink)
    alright mate firstly sorry to hear about the surgery bit of a blow to your training which sucks! also love your avatar name lol

    a wouldnt drop it altogether try and stick to the diet, whats the point in dropping a good diet? if you're on bulk adjust the diet accordingly as you will not be training!

    a would wait till the doc gave the ok to start training again! gradually build back up into it!
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    RE: advice would be appreciated! 2007/06/06 17:44:26 (permalink)
    i would have asked the surgeon personally.
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    RE: advice would be appreciated! 2007/06/06 17:55:24 (permalink)
    I agree with Wato19, keep eating same diet but drop the amounts slightly to bring the cals down to a sedentry level, in other words just drop it to a level that you will burn off with your normal activity while off training.
    You shouldnt find the need for mass gainers etc in the time your away from training but whey is fine, rem to keep the proteins going in as muscle still needs its nutrition.
    Am in a similar situation mate cause im waiting on a back op, disc in lower back not good, hence i dont do deadlifts and am careful when doing rows.
    Personaly i wouldnt train till the doc gives you the nod
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    RE: advice would be appreciated! 2007/06/06 21:16:05 (permalink)
    thanks for your responses.

    wato19/vince red - by following your diet advice are you saying this would keep things static until I can start training again?

    I'd be gutted to lose the 2lbs and have to start again

    mart77 - I did speak to the surgeon about going to the gym but she just said not to do anything that would aggrevate the wounds until they heal!
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