Bodybuilding Articles

MuscleTalk has an ever-expanding archive of bodybuilding, strength and fitness articles that you can view in categories below. Articles are written by both experts in their fields and regular gym goers / MT members who have some thoughts and knowledge they wish to share. If you would like to contribute please contact James Collier at

Bodybuilding Steroids & Other Performance Drugs

Articles and information regarding anabolic androgenic steroids and other performance enhancing drugs.

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Fitness & Bodybuilding Nutrition

Articles about diet and nutrition including meal plans, food facts and general nutrition information.

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Sports and Bodybuilding Supplements

Articles and information about nutritional, sports and bodybuilding supplements.

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Exercise & Training

Articles on bodypart training, strength and mass training theories, cardiovasular exercise.

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General Bodybuilding & Fitness Related

Articles on bodybuilding and fitness which are not covered elsewhere.

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Bodybuilding Beginners

Articles suited to newcomers to bodybuilding.

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