2013 UKBFF MuscleTalk Championships

Report by Beau Radcliffe-Thomas

Held on 7th July 2013 at the Corn Exchange, Bedford

If you were in Bedford this 7th July it would have been hard to miss the number of heavily muscled, heavily tanned men and women that seemed to take over the town for that one day, it was that time of year again, the annual UKBFF MuscleTalk Bodybuilding Championships run by James Collier and Luke Nichols.

The MuscleTalk show always proves to be extremely popular among competitors and fans alike, this is due to it being such a well run show; everything runs on time and it seems like nobody misses a beat. This year the spectators were entertained by guest poser IFBB Pro Lynsey Beattie as well as a question and answer session with IFBB Pro Daz Ball and world famous strongman Terry Hollands.

There were a few new categories onstage this year, including the extremely popular men's physique category, bringing a more athletic, less heavily muscled physique to the stage; this class was won by Ashley Grant and all of the top three finishers qualified for the British Finals. The women's physique class wowed the audience and both ladies, Michelle Leach and Lauretta Curtis earned a British Finals qualification.

Every category showed great talent and everyone onstage brought their A-game, particularly impressive were the men's under 100kg class, especially the class winner Darren Cook, not to mention under 90kg and overall winner Luke Bagster. This was Luke's first step up into the light-heavyweight class, formerly being an under 80kg competitor, Luke couldn't have hoped for much more, winning the overall his first time trying!

* denotes qualified for the UKBFF British Finals

1st Daniel Henman*
2nd James Burman

Bikini Fitness
1st Natasha Owen*
2nd Rebecca Bromage*
3rd Danielle Jackson*

1st Danny Ingram*
2nd Will Griffiths*
3rd Nicholas Melielos

Ladies Fitness
1st Kasia Walvisiak*

Women's Physique
1st Michelle Leach*
2nd Lauretta Curtis*

Masters Over 40 Years
1st David Millhead*
2nd Dave McKessy*
3rd Calvin Evedell*

Masters Over 50 Years
1st Alan Turner*

1st Laura Madge*
2nd Reem Bareeq*
3rd Nichola Burns*

Intermediate Under 80kg
1st Peter Gowing*
2nd Adam Hanley*
3rd Scott Reynolds

Intermediate Under 90kg
1st Stuart Beveridge*
2nd John Gair*
3rd Matthew Adams

Intermediate Over 90kg
1st Neil Hulland*
2nd Jim Murphy*

Men's Physique
1st Ashley Grant*
2nd Ben Noy*
3rd Abies Nosa*

Classic Bodybuilding
1st Adam Goodwin*
2nd Darran Clemmit*
3rd Nathan Saunderson

Men's Under 70kg
1st Muroslav Lopatecki*
2nd Baran Ockaci

Men's Under 80kg
1st Keith Williams*
2nd Tony Cheung*

Men's Under 90kg
1st Luke Bagster*
2nd Edward Selby*
3rd Chris White*

Men's Under 100kg
1st Darren Cook*
2nd Kevin Fosket*
3rd Svajunas Straksis*

Men's Over 100kg
1st Seroe Licis*
2nd Tim Merson*

Overall Winner and Mr MuscleTalk 2013: Luke Bagster

MuscleTalk - UKBFF 2012 Overall Winner - Luke Bagster

Luke Bagster
Luke Bagster

Men's Under 100kg - Darren Cook
Men's Under 100kg - Darren Cook

Men's Under 100kg - Darren Cook
Bikini Top Three

2013 MuscleTalk Championships Poster

2013 MuscleTalk Championships Poster