UKBFF MuscleTalk Championships 2010 - Show Report: A Tale of Two Stories

By Aaron Hallett aka incredible_bulk

The first ever MuscleTalk Championships was held on 27th June 2010 at the Corn Exchange, Bedford, UK.

Every bodybuilding show has a storyline for those who take part which combines together the preparation, the ten minutes under the spot light with an eventuality of a result.

For three people the début of the MuscleTalk Championships into the UKBFF calendar required similar beginnings. James Collier and top competitor Luke Nichols put into action a plan to create and launch their own bodybuilding show whilst Micky McKay put into action a plan to compete and achieve qualification to the British finals.

The Bedford Corn Exchange was the chosen venue by James and Luke and for the people who attended – bodybuilder and spectator alike – the choice of venue did not disappoint. The whole stage was well lit and showed off the athletes to their best, something that is more miss than hit at other shows.

Like the year's Body Power Expo, the British weather provided what had to be one of the hottest days in the UK this year and even more unfortunately, the show date clashed with the England Vs Germany in the World Cup so the show wasn't a total sell out. Although, the quick thinking of the organisers led to a TV being placed by the bar so the football fans who did attend could still catch the half time kick off.

The show was a run-through, so no evening show, which allowed a smooth transition between the classes broken up only with inspirational guest posing from Leszek Jagla and Daz Ball with a welcomed break-from-the-norm Q&A seminar with UK's Strongest Man and World's Strongest Man competitor, Terry Hollands.

With Luke Nichols backstage ensuring everything was running like it should, James was on-stage, microphone in hand as the emcee albeit sadly without his usual barrage of jokes. For Micky McKay however, he was starting his pump up and preparing to step out on stage. For every bodybuilder who has competed they will know the anticipation of walking out under the spot lights. It's not so much the nerves that run through you but the internal satisfaction of reaching what started out as a dot on the horizon at the start of the prep many weeks ago.

For every class the UKBFF judges polled together their scores, the show sponsors began presenting the athletes with goody bags and as the results were announced, the trophies for first, second and third places. For the winner there was an invitation to the UKBFF British Finals, a chance to step on stage and compete against the best in the UK, another dot on the horizon to work towards.

The U80kg class was called out by James and from behind the stage curtain emerged three bodybuilders, Micky McKay took his position in front of the judges. As the mandatory and compulsory poses were called out it was clear that one bodybuilder stood out amongst the pack and, soon enough, Micky was rewarded with 1st place.

As Micky walked off backstage trophy in-hand, it was soon time to come back out and compete one more time for the overall against the winners of the other classes. As the fans cheered for their friends or family members and the neutral spectators shouting support for those who they wanted to win the atmosphere inside the hall was reaching its peak. The judges had seen enough and Micky McKay was announced as the overall winner of the 2010 UKBFF MuscleTalk Championships and collected his overall trophy. On stage Micky was congratulated by Luke Nichols and James Collier, two journeys coming to an end on the same stage with a victory shared, different in rewards but similar in achievement.

A successful new show on the UKBFF calendar coupled with a new champion.

MuscleTalk - UKBFF 2010 Overall Winner

MuscleTalk - UKBFF 2010 Overall Winner Mickey McKay