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Diet, Nutrition & Supplements


General Bodybuilding & Fitness Related

Diet, Nutrition & Supplements


General Supplements
Food vs Supplements
Top 10 Supplements
Supplements of Yesteryear

Creatine FAQs
Creatine Ethyl Ester: The Best Creatine or a Supplement Fallacy?
The Rescue of Creatine Ethyl Ester

Pre-Workout Ergogenic Supplements
Beta-Alanine as a Performance Enhancing Supplement
Caffeine Health & Bodybuilding
The Osagi Pre-Workout Stack
Taurine as a Sports and Health Supplement

Pro-Hormones & Testosterone Boosters
Off-the-Shelf Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) Products
OTC Steroids - First Cycle Advice
Post Cycle Therapy the Natural Way: 5 Alternative PCT Treatments for a Non-Pharmaceutical Approach
Superdrol - Pro-Hormone or Designer Steroid?
Testosterone Boosters / Natural Anabolics - A Natural Way to Boost Testosterone
Are You Buying Genuine Muscle Building Uzbekistan Turkesterone or Less Effective Ecdysterone?

Protein & Amino Acid Supplements
Beginner's Guide to Protein Supplements
Casein Hydrolysate - The Cream of Post Workout Protein?
The Complete Guide to Whey Protein Supplements in Health & Fitness
Glutamine as a Bodybuilding Supplement
Guidelines for the Buying and Selling of Protein Supplements
Hemp Protein Powder
Pea Protein Powder as a Bodybuilding Supplement
Is Your Protein Powder Labelled Correctly?
Optimizing Your Muscle Growth & Fat Loss with Protein Pulse Feeding

Carbohydrate Supplements
Carbohydrate Supplement Powders

Weight Loss Supplements

Ephedrine & Ephedra, and the Associated Alkaloids and Compounds
No-Crash Fat Loss with Non-Stimulant Fat Burners

Miscellaneous Supplements
Cannabinoids: the Secret of Athletes?
Dietary Nucleotides and their Role in Human Health, Sports Nutrition and Muscle Gain
Probiotics and Prebiotics - Benefits to the Body Builder

General Nutrition

Introduction to Nutrition
Biochemical Individuality
Dos and Don'ts in Muscle Gain Nutrition
Food Composition Analysis and its Implications for Dietary Planning
How to Read a Scientific Article
Nutritional Myths :: The Verdicts!

Nutrition in Illness & Disorders
Bodybuilding with Coeliac Disease
Diabetes & Bodybuilding
Food Allergy & Intolerance in Sports & Fitness

Pre- and Post Exercise Nutrition
Recovery: A Primer
Supercharging your Body for a Workout

Fat Loss / Cutting
Cutting V Bulking: Losing Body Fat Whilst Gaining Quality Muscle
Cutting Meal Plan
Optimising Your Power to Weight Ratio
Low Carbohydrate, High Protein (Ketogenic) Diets for Weight Loss

Hard Gainers / Bulking
Bodybuilder Bulking
Lean Bulking for All Year Round Lean Gains
Meal Plans for Hard Gainers
So you think you're a hardgainer?

Making a Weight (then regaining it) for a Fight
Optimising Your Power to Weight Ratio

Vegan & Vegetarian Bodybuilding


Eating Clean - What does it mean?
James' Super Smoothie


Protein & Carbohydrates
Blood Glucose, Insulin and Diabetes
Optimizing Your Muscle Growth and Fat Loss with Protein Pulse Feeding
Protein or Carbohydrate - Which do I need?
The Protein Intake for Strength Athletes Debate

Edible Fats and Oils
Essential Fatty Acids
Everything You Wanted To Know About Cholesterol & Coronary Heart Disease
Everything you wanted to know About Coconut Oil
Everything you wanted to know about Flaxseeds & Flaxseed Oil
Good Fats, Bad Fats

Hydration in Bodybuilding

Vitamins & Minerals
Everything you wanted to know about Vitamin D
Nomenclature of Vitamins


Anabolic Nutrition: The Science Behind 10 Testosterone Boosting Foods
Fruit and Veg in Health and Fitness

Green and Black Tea in Good Health

Cereals & Grains
Cereals and Bodybuilding


Introduction to Exercise

How to Reduce Muscle Fatigue When Working Out
Programming for Beginners by those who aren't

General Routines

Cardiovascular & Interval Training
15-Minute Cardio Interval Training Workouts
High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Routines
Tabata Training

How to Bench Press 140kg, guaranteed: 'The Secret'!
Training the Deadlift for Strength: Top 5 Mistakes
Medicine Ball Exercises
Training the Overhead Press
Pull Ups
How to Build a Big Raw Squat

High-Intensity Training
The Basics of Abbreviated Training: High Intensity Training
Olympic lifting
Westside Barbell Training

Strongman Training

Warming up and Stretching
The Warm up and Cool Down

Muscle Group Routines

Got Arms?
Specific Training to Target Specific Weakness – Part 1- The Triceps

Bringing Up the Middle Back

Gastrocnemius - neglected, stubborn or misunderstood?
James' Three Minute Calf Routine

Smart Shoulders - Improve every lift, boost your gains, look better and stay healthier for longer

General Training & Exercise

Female Training
Fitness for the Female Beginner

Training Correctly
In Search of the Perfect Rep

Training Theories
CNS Overtraining
Eccentric Loading for Greater Hypertrophy, Strength and Power
Full Body Training Splits for Lean Muscle Growth
Methods of Training
Muscular Hypertrophy - Using The Science of Set-Rep Schemes
Old School Progressive Training: Maximal Lifting based on the Methods Used by Steve Reeves
Stepping Stones: Part 3
Training Past Failure
Three Day Split Routine – Push-Pull-Legs
Volume Training (VT) Routine

Bodybuilding Competition Prep
Don't be a Comeback Warrior!
General Principles of Strength Training for Rugby
Improvising your Training in Prison
Strength Training for Rugby - 6 Key Mistakes and How to Fix Them!
Training on Holiday

General Bodybuilding & Fitness Related

Beginner Bodybuilding

A Beginner's Guide
A Beginner's Guide to Building a Home Gym
As Simple As It Gets
Bodybuilding Beginners FAQs
Gym Etiquette
Muscle Building Basics - Weightlifting & Diet
Peripheral Heart Action Programme (PHA)
Weight Training 0-12 Months Stepping Stones
Bodybuilding for Beginners - Stepping Stones: Part 2

Body Composition

Assessment of Body Composition in Bodybuilders
Body Composition and Optimal Health

Female Bodybuilding

Sports Bras

Medical / Illness

Acne in Bodybuilding: Causes Prevention & Treatments
Cellulite - Anatomy and Development & treatment

Back Health for Morning Trainers
Biomechanics: A Sceptic's View
Biomechanics in Bodybuilding: Some FAQs
How to Overcome Knee Injuries

Psychology of Bodybuilding

Being Slightly Different: Muscle Dysmorphia
Muscle Dysmorphia: A Review
Narcissism in Bodybuilding
SMART Goal Setting in Bodybuilding
So you think you're a Hardgainer?
The Story of a Wheelchair Bodybuilder
Training Through Depression and Other Conditions


Melanotan and Melanotan II
Sunbeds and Sunlamps


5 Unusual Ways to Increase Testosterone
Becoming a Fitness Model and Finding a Sponsor
How to Become a Fitness Instructor
How to Raise Your Testosterone Naturally
Nicotine and Bodybuilding
The Language of Anatomy: Muscles & Bones
The Perfect Competition Tan
Proportion & Balance in Bodybuilding
Using Predictive Equations to Determine BMR / RMR
What Is Metabolic Stress and Why Is It Important for Muscle Growth?