How to Avoid Getting Tired When Working Out

One common issue which comes up frequently on MuscleTalk is enquiring about what to do with lagging energy levels at the end of a workout. People ask about what pre-workout supplements or nutrition protocol they should take before training to keep them boosted throughout their workout. However, it’s not as simple as drink X or eat Y and you’ll be ok; there’s a bigger picture.

exhausted towards the end of a workout

Firstly, it’s whole diet and nutrition which is important. If your whole diet at all times of the day is not right, then do not expect to be able to train at 100% for the full session. Incorrect nutrition can cause your energy levels to go up and down through the day: this is not ideal. Check our Bodybuilding Nutrition articles for advice on a suitable meal plan.

It’s also important to note that if you are training really hard and really going for it, best session, it doesn’t matter who you are, you’re going to lag a bit at the end of a gruelling session. Sure, good nutrition will maximise your ability to train, but even so, hard trainers are only human and even they struggle at the end!

Pre-workout drinks can be useful, but don’t rely on them. Many contain ingredients designed to help you through the workout, as well as compounds which, if used correctly, will help training, like creatine, beta alanine and taurine. Also, have a read about the Osagi Stack. But it’s also to make sure you have some protein as well as slowly digested carb foods in the meal before you train.

This is the Big Secret…

A surprise to many but the single most important time to help fuel your body for a workout is after your previous workout. This is the time when the body’s immediate energy reserves have been drained and they’re ready for refuelling.

For this reason, include some rapidly digested carbohydrate, ideally a carb powder like maltodextrin, dextrose or Vitargo, immediately after training with your protein shake. We go into a lot more detail about carbs in our carbohydrate supplement powders article.

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