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Best Vertical Climber

Would you like to be able to work your entire body from the comfort of your own home without putting a lot of pressure on the joints?

How about losing weight efficiently and quickly, without lifting heavy or starving yourself?

If you’re like most people, you definitely find all these goals enticing. The good news is that you can achieve them using a good vertical climber machine.

A vertical climber is a modern piece of equipment with a small footprint. It’s designed mostly for home use and it can work wonders for your body.

Keep reading to find out more about vertical climbers, their benefits, how to use them and which one is more suitable for you.

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What is a Vertical Climber?

A vertical climber machine does exactly what the name implies. It simulates the climbing technique used by professional mountain climbers.

The machine is height adjustable and made from durable materials such as steel or aluminium. You can get one for your gym and use it on a regular basis to burn more calories.

Vertical climbers became popular because they help you work your entire body, so you might not need to purchase additional fitness equipment in the future unless you really want to.

This machine consists of a metallic frame and handles which slide up and down. You use both your legs and hands to move the handles and the resistance encountered while making these moves help to work your entire body.

The Benefits of Using a Vertical Climber

There are numerous benefits provided by this type of fitness machine. Let’s talk about them and discover why it’s so popular.

It provides a total body workout

A vertical climber is designed to provide a thorough workout by engaging most of the major muscle groups in your body. You’ll enjoy a cardio workout, but in comparison to a regular treadmill, for example, you also get to work your upper body.

While you perform the exercise, you simulate the action of climbing a mountain. This engages the major muscle groups in your legs such as your quads, calves, and glutes. At the end of the day, a vertical climber helps you achieve a balanced physique.

At the same time, you’re operating the handles with your hands and this works your shoulders, forearms, biceps, and triceps. While you’re doing these moves, you have to tighten your core, so your abs receive a good workout as well.

It helps you burn a lot of calories and lose weight quickly

When you work your entire body you know that you are going to burn the maximum calories possible. This machine provides a great cardio workout, so you should expect to sweat a lot!
Experts recommend to use the vertical climber a couple of times per week in sessions of 20-25 minutes per day. This will help you achieve your weight loss goals. At the same time, make sure that you adjust your diet accordingly, including more protein and eliminating junk food.

It doesn’t put a lot of stress on your joints

A vertical climber machine provides something called low-impact exercising. This means that the exercise doesn’t put a lot of stress on your joints, tendons, and ligaments. On the other hand, high-impact exercises involve the feet leaving the ground and the accompanying shock when the body hits the ground again. Some forms of high-impact exercises are running and jumping, but they are not suitable for everyone, particularly people with joint problems.

If your joints are up for high-impact workouts, it’s highly recommended for you to use the vertical climber. You get the chance to work your entire body without ruining your tendons, joints or ligaments, not to mention that you’ll also have a lot of fun in the process.

Vertical climbers are very convenient to use

These machines are ideal for home use. They are designed for busy people who still want to stay in shape. If you have a family to care for and work a full-time job, it would be easier and more convenient for you to train in the comfort of your own house instead of going to a gym, right?

On top of saving time and effort, vertical climbers also have a foldable design, so you can easily store them somewhere in your house after you have finished your training. They don’t occupy a lot of space and can be assembled and disassembled very quickly.

Increasing your stamina

Do you often feel out of breath when you climb a flight of stairs? Sick of feeling tired all the time after the simplest exertion?

You probably need to do some sort of cardio exercises to improve the function of your heart and lungs. A vertical climber could well be the answer!

Use a vertical climber for a few weeks, you’ll see that you can gradually improve your stamina, regardless of your age.

What does this mean in the long run? You’ll be able to play with your kids for longer, you’ll be able to carry grocery bags, climb stairs or do housework without feeling out of breath after just 2 minutes. There are numerous advantages to reap from having improved stamina and vertical climbers can offer you that.

They are fun!

Honestly, no one really wants to spend countless hours in the gym every day to get a sculpted body. People are more interested in results which can be achieved quickly and in an entertaining and exciting manner.

Luckily, a vertical climber can do exactly that. This type of machine is fun to use, not to mention that you can listen to your favourite music while exercising. Even better, you can watch your favourite Netflix program if you have a computer nearby, so working out becomes a fun and easy activity this way.

What to Look for When Buying a Vertical Climber

Chances are that you’ll be using your vertical climber machine for years to come, so we’re glad you’re doing your homework before buying one.

You should pay attention to the following when shopping for vertical climbers:

Sturdy metallic frame

It’s important for your vertical climber to be made from metal, preferably steel. A metallic frame can take a lot of wear and tear and it’s capable of sustaining the weight of an adult for multiple hours each week.

The machine should also be shipped with assembly instructions, tools, and the necessary nuts and bolts. Make sure that it also has strong legs, preferably equipped with rubber feet to avoid scratching your floors.

Maximum height and weight

These machines are designed for almost everyone, so when buying one, make sure that it can support your height and weight. For example, most machines can easily handle up to 110kg or 120kg, but double check that to be sure. More heavy-duty ones can support up to 150kg of weight.

When it comes to height, most vertical climbers can accommodate people up to 230cm tall. The beauty of such a machine is that it’s height adjustable, so you can make it work for you regardless of how tall you are. This also means that the entire family can use it.

2-in-1 package

Some vertical climbers are more sophisticated and they incorporate 2 different machines in one. For example, some of them also have a stepper function or can be adjusted to work as an indoor upright bike.

Obviously, you don’t necessarily have to go for these 2-in-1 machines, but they would be a fine addition to your home gym. Although they are a little bit more expensive, they give you more freedom when it comes to exercising and achieving the sculpted body you want.

Real-time monitoring

Most vertical climbers are equipped with small LCD screens and monitors which track your progress every day. These monitors can display the number of calories burned, your speed, time spent on the machine during that session and other relevant details. Depending on the sophistication of the machine, some come with a larger LCD screen with multiple functions while others have a smaller device.

A Detailed Look at the Best Vertical Climber Machines

Now that you know what a vertical climber is, how it operates and what its benefits are, it’s time to see some of the best vertical climbers available on the UK market to get you inspired. We picked up these machines based on their features so let’s get started with the reviews.

Sportstech innovative 2-in-1 Stepper & Vertical Climber

Let’s begin with one of the best vertical climber machines out there. This is an affordable product coming from Sportstech and it incorporates 2 devices in a single machine – a stepper and a vertical climber. The machine can be used by anyone in your family and it’s easy to assemble and store.

What makes this product different from the others is the fact that it can also be used as a stepper. You just have to get on to the machine, grab the handles positioned at the waist level and start pushing downwards with your legs. Keep your hands on the handles for stability and work your legs for as many minutes as you want every day.

This vertical climber only uses your own body weight for resistance, so it’s not difficult to perform the exercise, When you think it’s time to work your upper body as well, simply grab the upper handles and continue your workout. All the handles feature soft materials, but they ensure a safe grip, so you won’t accidentally slip while working out.

Another benefit of this machine consists of the multifunction display. This is positioned at the waist level and it shows how many calories you have burned, your speed and time spent, among other statistics. Check the display often to keep track of your progress and remain motivated.

When it comes to materials and design, this machine can be easily folded and stored easily. It occupies a small space and it’s made from heavy-duty steel, so you won’t be able to damage it that easily. The metallic frame can support bodyweight up to 120 kg (264 lbs).

Lastly, this machine also has a 5-level height adjustment system. You can choose your preferred level and make each workout session a comfortable one. The height can be easily adjusted by operating a small lever on the machine.

Things We Like
  • Functions both as a stepper and as a vertical climber
  • Anti-slip design and can be stored easily
  • Ideal for high-intensity interval training
  • The display shows a lot of useful statistics
Things we don’t like
  • The feet pedals might not be very durable


This vertical climbing machine from Sportstech can become your perfect fitness companion. It can be assembled easily, it can be used for HIIT and you can store it easily when you’re done.

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ANCHEER Unisex Vertical Climbing Fitness Cardio Exercise Machine

Do you like to use the exercise bike on a regular basis? If the answer is yes then this model from Ancheer might be exactly what you have been looking for! It’s a machine which incorporates a vertical climber and an exercise bike in the same package.

After you have warmed up on the exercise bike, you can simply use go ahead and use the vertical climber. The machine comes with pedals for your feet and handles for your hands. It’s height adjustable and made from steel alloy, so it can support weights of up to 159 kg.

We like the fact that you can use the bike or the climber to sculpt your body. It might even be possible for 2 people to use them simultaneously. You just have to face the machine from the opposite direction to use each of these fitness machines, so there’s no need to install something else or disassemble the climber in any way.

When it comes to height levels, these can be adjusted from 205 cm to 220 cm and the height of the seat can be adjusted from 90 cm to 98 cm. This fitness equipment also comes with rubber feet for increased stability and it has a soft and comfortable seat, allowing you to exercise for many minutes every day without feeling pain. The handles incorporate soft padding which prevents slipping, even if your hands get sweaty from working out.

The LCD monitor is also helpful in tracking your progress and displays the number of calories burned, your speed, time spent working out and other relevant details. When you have finished your training session, you can just fold it for easy storage. Folding and unfolding the bike takes less than one minute.

Things We Like
  • 2 pieces of equipment in one, ideal for home gym
  • Supports a lot of weight
  • Easy to assemble and fold
  • Height adjustable vertical climber and the seat can also be adjusted by height
Things we don’t like
  • You cannot see the LCD monitor directly while working out


This climber provides you with a lot of features and benefits for the money. You have a reliable exercise bike to be used from time to time as well as a sturdy vertical climber. It’s adjustable by height, made from steel and features an LCD monitor to track your progress, so you have no excuses when it comes to working out!

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Gymform Vertical Gym Sports Device

If your budget is very limited, yet you’re still interested in a high-quality vertical climber then we recommend one from Gymform. This vertical climber is easy to use, can be assembled in minutes, it’s height adjustable as well as foldable. Best of all, its unbeatable price makes it very accessible.

It’s made from steel and features rubber feet for extra stability. These feet also prevent scratching your floors. It has several height adjustment levels, so whether you’re 5 feet tall, 7 feet tall or something in between, you can confidently use it.

The handlebars are large and padded for extra stability. They prevent your hands from skidding even if you’re sweaty and the pedals are made from a durable material which improves comfort and adherence.

The machine itself is relatively compact and lightweight. It weighs around 17 kg and it can be easily folded for storing.

It doesn’t have an LCD monitor to track your progress, but you can always use the timer function of your smartphone to calculate how much time you spend training on it.

Things We Like
  • Super-affordable, can be bought by almost anyone
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Can be easily assembled and stored
Things we don’t like
  • Doesn’t include an LCD monitor to track your progress
  • Only supports 100kg


This vertical climber is pretty simple and straightforward – it does what it says and can be used for years thanks to its durable steel frame. It can also be adjusted by height if necessary, so all your family members can use it. If you want to start working out but you don’t want to invest too much money in the beginning, this machine might be ideal for you.

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New Image Maxi Climber Machine

Another great vertical climber to make our list is the Maxi Climber from New Image.

This is a lightweight and compact vertical climber, yet it can work your entire body. It’s quick to assemble and features a steel frame with large rubber handles for a safe grip. The rubber feet also adds more stability, so you shouldn’t be afraid of slipping and falling while using it.

The steel frame is capable of handling body weights of up to 110 kg and, at the same time, you can also choose from 5 individual height levels. The design of the climber allows folding for easy storage.

Another benefit is the digital counter/ LCD monitor. This is a small device which can be incorporated into the body of the climber. It helps you keep track of the calories burned, your speed, time spent exercising and more. The LCD features large digits, so you’ll easily see it while working out.

Even better, the manufacturer also includes a broad list of accessories in the package. For example, you get a diet plan to help with weight loss. You also get an exercise planner which details how you should work out to make the most out of your vertical climber.

Another great tool you’ll find in the package is the wall chart. This is a simple, full-color planner you can stick to a wall, so you always know exactly how much you have worked and when. Using this chart is highly recommended as it will help you stay motivated along the way.

Things We Like
  • Easy to use, compact and lightweight
  • Comes with multiple accessories to track your progress
  • Height adjustable
Things we don’t like
  • The pedals don’t have straps, but this might not be a problem for most users


If you’re looking for high-quality fitness equipment at a reasonable price which comes with multiple accessories then this model from New Image might well suit you. Not only that it can be used by everyone in the family, but it’s also very portable!

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GYMAX Vertical Climbing Machine

The last one in our list comes from Gymax and it’s a reasonably priced vertical climber with a great reputation. It comes almost completely assembled, so you just have to attach some bits and pieces and you’re ready to hop on it to do your workout.

The machine features a steel frame which can support weights of up to 120 kg. With that being said, the total weight of the assembled vertical climber is around 20 kg, so it’s not that difficult to move it from place to place. The machine also features some plastic components and soft foam for the handles, making it more comfortable for you to work out.

The pedals feature a rigid and strong surface, ensuring that your feet don’t skid away while pedaling. However, you might want to use sport shoes while working out as your bare feet can get sweaty after a while and slip from the pedals. The machine is also equipped with rubber feet which protects your floors from scratches and improves stability.

This device is also equipped with a small LCD monitor that displays stats such as calories burned, time spent on the machine, speed, etc. The monitor has a small, round button you can use to toggle between its functions and to see other vital workout data.

Additionally, the Gymax vertical climber is also height adjustable. It has a top height of 210 cm and can be adjusted depending on your preferences and needs. At the end of your workout, simply wipe the machine with a clean towel to remove any remaining sweat and fold it down to be stored under the bed or in a corner of your room.

Things We Like
  • Comes almost completely assembled, you just have to attach a few elements
  • Easy to use and store
  • Height adjustable and comes with an LCD monitor to track your progress
  • Affordable
Things we don’t like
  • You need to buy a battery for the LCD display as it’s not included in the package


Whether you’re a professional bodybuilder or you just started on your fitness journey, this vertical climber might be ideal for you. It provides everything you need to start on the right foot, it doesn’t cost a lot of money and it’s made from durable materials, so you have no excuse to jump on it and work out for 20 minutes every day.

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We know how difficult it can be to start a weight loss program, but hopefully, this machine can make your experience much easier and exciting. You don’t have to lift heavy weights, take expensive supplements or sweat for hours in the gym. You just have to use this vertical climber a few times each week to work out your entire body.

In just a few weeks, you’ll feel much better, you’ll lose a few pounds and start to see some definition in your muscles. These are some of the best vertical climber machines out there, so pick your favourite and give it a try!

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