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bodybuilding case study

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2003/07/05 20:14:16 (permalink)

bodybuilding case study

Dear all who are interested.
My name is BaronV and i write articles for a body building magazine called MuscleMob owned by another convict of muscletalk a certain musclemobster. Well I am about to venture into new pastures and become a candidate for Flora Health's case study of bodybuilders taking Eudo Erasmus choice oil blend. The case study will last approx 36 weeks, 6 on 6 off and so on. So i intend to keep a journal here at muscletalk so all you's out there can get the low down on how im progressing and if the oil is worth considering as a supplement.
Thanks to a certain mentor JC (not Jesus Christ) who is kindly providing me with fat callipars and measureing my fat every now and then. In exchange you get to plot my progress, from Mr Blobby to Mr Universe. JC kindly measured me on friday 4/7/03 and i came out with a percentage of 27% at 230.4lbs. Im not quite sure when im starting the case study but when i do that will be my next installment. My hopes for the study include getting fitter and stronger and leaner. but mainly i would like to encourage all you readers to stop sitting on your hands or bitching about your workouts; and get into the gym and do something. And by the whey (HaHa) take a look at the whey consortium advert.
Talk to you all soon BaronV

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    RE: bodybuilding case study 2003/07/06 23:52:49 (permalink)
    Ahhhhhhh - you joined!

    Everyone please give a HUGE welcome to MT to BaronV and look out for his forhtcoming jouranl - it will be an interesting one!

    This guy is well connected in the strength world and is good friends with MT regular and Whey Consortiun owner Mobster.
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    RE: bodybuilding case study 2003/07/07 02:12:01 (permalink)
    Welcome to MT! I look forward to following your journal.
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    RE: bodybuilding case study 2003/07/08 14:50:46 (permalink)
    is this the same study which Ian Duckett is participating in on the robertuniverse website?
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    RE: bodybuilding case study 2003/07/08 15:19:41 (permalink)
    welcome aboard mate!
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    RE: bodybuilding case study 2003/07/08 15:45:49 (permalink)
    In order to celebrate you joining the forum, here are some bouncing boobs

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    RE: bodybuilding case study 2003/07/08 15:47:36 (permalink)
    hello Baron :)
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    RE: bodybuilding case study 2003/07/26 16:13:31 (permalink)
    Here I am again with the next installment.
    First i would like to say a big thank you to all those who looked at my journal.
    To one of you who asked is this the same study which Ian Duckett is on? Yes its is. You can check us all out at
    Look for case study and participants. I am the last contestant because im so over wieght i have fallen to the bottom of the page.
    even the internet is to small for me.
    Any way, I am still waiting on the start of the study. I am told i will recieve my info pack shortly and i have just completed an initail MEASURMENT OF MUSCLE PERFORMANCE.
    This was a test to see how strong i was and how much weight i could lift using a strict safe method and no straps.
    I had 3 atempts at each lift and then the poundage was calculated to work out my strength, which i will post later.
    Exercise 1 Bench Press (Olympic Sets) 1st 132lbs 2nd 165lbs 3rd fail
    exercise 2 Squat (free or SM) 1st 132 2nd 176 3rd 220.
    exercise 3 Deadlift (Straight leg) 1st 220 2nd 308 3rd 330
    Giving me a total poundage overall of 1683lbs
    Next we measured sit ups on a roman chair which icompleted 24 of in the allowed 1 minute, and then push ups which i only managed 15 of in one minute.
    So there you are and we are away to a slow flying start. I will let you know how i get on when i first start the course.Next weekend is the british Irongrip contest at David Hornes place in stafford and i will be there if you want to meet me, but after that my wife and i head off on holiday for two weeks with my young lad who's currently training for the 2020 Mr. Universe.So cheery O for now,to wet your apetite for more here is a paste from the site above about udo's oils.

    Natural unrefined Udo's Choice® Oil Blend contains an ideal balance of the essential fatty acids omega 3 (alpha-linolenic) and omega 6 (linoleic). These essential fatty acids are identified this way as they are essential to life itself. They cannot be created by the body and must be obtained through diet.
    Visit most health and nutrition stores in United States and Canada and you will likely find Udo's Choice® Oil Blend in the refrigerated section. This superior blend of oils was formulated by Udo Erasmus, Ph.D., Nutrition, an internationally recognized expert of on fats, oils, nutrients and human health. Udo's Choice® Oil Blend is manufactured by FLORA Health, a trusted nutrition company in the health industry and a Certified Organic Producer and Processor. FLORA Health products are manufactured in accordance with GMP standards, and the facilities and manufacturing procedures are in compliance with all regulatory agencies in Canada and the United States, including the Health Protection Branch (HPB) in Canada and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA.
    The journey to ultimate nutrition may take a lifetime for many but it is a road that each one of us must travel to ensure good health. Taking responsibility for your health can be the single most rewarding experience of your life.

    HEALTH BENEFITS - WHY DO WE NEED ESSENTIAL FATS? Taken in the right amounts and ratios, and taken from the right sources, essential fats:
    · Increase energy, performance, and stamina. EFAs enhance thermogenesis, help build muscle, prevent muscle break down, and speed recovery from fatigue;
    · Strengthen the immune system. EFAs make hormone-like eicosanoids that regulate immune and inflammatory responses. N-3s have anti-inflammatory effects and can slow autoimmune damage;
    · Lower most risk factors for cardiovascular disease. EFAs (especially n3s) lower abnormally high levels of blood pressure, triglycerides, Lp(a), fibrinogen, tendency to clot formation, and inflammation;
    · Improve brain function: mood, intelligence , behavior, and vision. Our brain is over 60% fat. EFAs are important components of the entire nervous system. They are necessary to make the neurotransmitter serotonin. Depression and other brain diseases show decreased levels of n-3;
    · Aid in weight reduction. EFAs help keep mood and energy up and suppress appetite, thereby aiding in weight loss. More recently, they have been found to block the genes that produce fat in the body (saturated and trans fat do not have this same effect) and increase thermogenesis;
    · Regulate organs and glands. Liver and kidneys, adrenal and thyroid glands, and the production of male and female hormones need EFAs;
    · Speed recovery and healing. EFAs are necessary for cell growth and division. They form all cell membranes and regulate vital cell activity;
    · Support healthy child development. For nervous system development, a growing fetus needs optimum EFAs from the mother's body. Mothers become depleted of EFAs during pregnancy, and need optimal EFA intake for their health and their children's optimum development;
    · Improve digestion. Poorly digested foods tie up the immune system and can cause gut inflammation, leaky gut, and allergies. N-3s improve gut integrity, and decrease inflammation and "leaky gut";
    · Decrease infection. EFAs have anti-fungal, anti-yeast, and anti-microbial properties, helping to protect against infections;
    · Keep bones strong. EFAs aid in the transport of minerals that keep bones and teeth strong, helping to prevent osteoporosis;
    · Protect genetic material. EFAs regulate gene expression, and n-3s inhibit tumor growth;
    · Ease PMS. Studies indicate that n-6 (GLA) intake was voted, by women, among the top three most effective PMS treatments. N-3s may be even more effective;
    · Produce beautiful skin, hair, and nails. Some of the first signs of EFA deficiency are dry, flaky skin, dull hair, and brittle nails. N-3s can help skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne. Also, GLA (n-6 derivative) administration is useful for some patients with atopic eczema.
    Regular daily use of Udo's Choice® Oil, a special blend of essential fatty acids will not only provide your body with abundant health benefits, it will enhance your training in several dramatic ways.
    To measure how Udo's Choice® Oil Blend affected athletic performance, a Danish Athlete Study was performed involving 61 athletes who participated in the aggressive dosing of Udo's Choice® Oil Blend. The Study was carried out by Oscar Umharo Cadogen, a leading sports and fitness expert from Denmark and a nutritional consultant to Denmark’s top natural athletes. “Three quarters of the participants experienced improvement in athletic performance by ingesting Udo's Choice® Oil Blend. The greatest effects seemed to be on stamina and endurance, as well as a decrease in recovery time after training and competitions”. For more details see the highlights of the Study and testimonials from the athletes.
    After carefully reviewing the findings of the Danish Athlete Study, Leo and I decided to increase our own daily intake of the oil based on the trust we had gained in this product over the years. Since increasing our daily dosage (to one tablespoon per 50 pounds of bodyweight), we have noticed increased energy levels as well as better endurance and stamina in the gym. There has also been a marked improvement in our post-workout recovery time. Other benefits we have experienced are softer skin, nail growth, increased levels of concentration and well-being.
    Time to Take Stock
    First take stock of the products that line your cupboards and inhabit your refrigerator. Many of us feel we have made great strides by giving up butter and settling for the so-called "healthy margarines". The decision to choose margarine over butter was supported by the fact that margarine contains less saturated fat than butter hence lower levels of cholesterol. Unfortunately when margarine is processed, trans-fatty acids are formed which can actually increase blood cholesterol.
    Hydrogenation is a process used to create margarine, vegetable shortening and some vegetable oils. Partially hydrogenated oils are used to preserve the shelf life of foods. Many people consume these foods not realizing the negative impact they can have on their health. Hydrogenated oils can be found in granola bars, pancake mixes, peanut butter, crackers, raisin bran, instant soups, and convenience foods which takes in a whole spectrum of "fast foods". Rule of Thumb: The closer you can get to eating natural foods, the better your diet will become.
    Recommendation #1: Replace margarine and butter with Udo's Choice® Ultimate Oil Blend. We use Udo's Choice® Ultimate Oil Blend whole-wheat bagels, vegetables, fruit salad, baked potatoes, greens, brown rice and whole-grain and Soy pasta. Note: Do not heat Udo's Choice® Ultimate Oil Blend. For cooking I recommend cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil (look for the dark glass bottle).
    Recommendation #2: Bodybuilders and Athletes - Fuel for Champions: Add a tablespoon or two of Udo's Choice® Oil Blend to your Whey protein shake BEFORE YOUR WORKOUT. Udo's Choice® Oil Blend works extremely well with protein and will deliver optimum results in the gym or other sport disciplines.
    Recommendation #3: After making your favourite soup recipe, serve it in a bowl and then add 1 tablespoon of Udo's Choice® Oil Blend.
    Recommendation #4: Make your own salad dressing and replace your regular oil with Udo's Choice® Oil Blend . Along with your favourite spices, I recommend Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar. And yes, you can even add a dash of Olive Oil as it blends very well.
    Recommendation #5: Udo's Choice® Oil Blend tastes great on yogurt, in fruit juice and even on your oatmeal cereal in the morning!
    We recognized the abundant health benefits of Udo’s Choice® Oil Blend many years ago and it has been a part of our daily regime ever since. Over the years, this blend of essential fatty acids has replaced our intake of harmful fats (also known as trans fatty acids) and has become a staple part of our diet and a very critical component of our nutrition. In our work as health and fitness consultants, we recommend this trusted product to all of our clients. In my own personal experience, it is the single most effective supplement I have ever used.
    Udo's Choice® Oil Blend can now be purchased by the case through our Fitness Storefront and delivered right to your door. The oil can be stored in your freezer for up to eight months! The cost of each case includes shipping and handling and will be delivered to your home within three to four business days. (Due to special conditions required for delivery, we can only accept U.S. orders at the present time.)

    P.S. I have just lost my Job, so if anyone out there needs a really good salesman please let me know.
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