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2006/07/11 19:42:15 (permalink)

cardio help

I read a lot of posts about HIIT cardio but i'm not even sure what that is. what i usually do is about 25 mins running on a treadmill at about 11-13 km/hour. Is that HIT?
Also i'd like to know if it's better to do cardio before or after a workout?
Also i heard that doing too much cardio can reduce the amount of muscle gained. It would be very helpful is someone could explain what type and how much cardio is ideal for someone who wants to add muscle mass.

Thank you

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    RE: cardio help 2006/07/11 20:30:34 (permalink)
    Don't do cardio before a weights session. It can lead to injury.. and you wouldn't be able to lift to your abilities because energy would be wasted on the cardio.. and you'd also be preparing the body to do resistance training in a catabolic state.. which isn't desirable.
    So if anything.. do the cardio after your weights session - not before.

    You can do HIIT sessions on off days if you like.. a couple during the week. An HIIT (High Intensity INTERVAL Training) session should be 20min. MAX. If more than that then I don't believe you're doing it very well.
    A simple example of HIIT would be sprinting.
    So you set up a distance.. sprint it like mad (after being warmed up).. walk back... sprint again 'balls to the wall'.. then walk back.. sprint again balls to the wall and walk back.. repeat until desired time limit (20min. max. imo).. at the end.. if you're as fast as a turtle.. then that's fine.. as long as you're going at your 'max'.

    That's basically HIIT

    You can do sprints, hill sprints, cycling, skipping, etc. for HIIT.

    And I'd also treat it like a weights session, in terms of workout nutrition.. but that's my opinion.

    Steady state cardio also has it's place.. if you like to do lots of it and/or have a certain fitness-related goal in mind that recquires a lot of it.. then you can always eat to 'make up' for it. Diet and training all tie in with each other.. so don't worry.. you can generally adjust one to accomodate the other so-to-speak.

    In the end it depends on preference and/or what works best for the individual.

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    RE: cardio help 2006/07/11 22:02:13 (permalink)
    Thanks for your help.

    I seem to prefer the second method at steady pace. But what do I have to eat to "make up" for it? Carbohidrates after my workout?
    Could you please explain what are the advantages of HIIT compared to steady state cardio?
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