cleverbot almost human ?

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2014/12/02 16:23:38 (permalink)

cleverbot almost human ?

seems real at times when you talk to it 

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    Re: cleverbot almost human ? 2014/12/02 16:31:33 (permalink)
    User: Hi.
    Cleverbot: Do you like cheese?
    User: Yeah, I love cheese.
    Cleverbot: Do you fly with cheese?
    User: Why would I fly with cheese?
    Cleverbot: I am not a bot. Who told you I was?
    User: You are clearly a bot.... Or female....as you make no sense.
    Cleverbot: I make yes sense, the rainbow robot unicorn deitys concur with me.

    Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning how to dance in the rain.
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    Re: cleverbot almost human ? 2014/12/02 17:22:25 (permalink)
    I had a chat with it. Started off with chicken, ended up talking about him going on a date with Siri. He wouldn't even entertain the idea of me talking about dinosaurs.
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    Re: cleverbot almost human ? 2014/12/03 18:23:38 (permalink)
    clever bot is not so clever

    I do a lot of push ups and sit ups. And I drink plenty of milk.

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    Re: cleverbot almost human ? 2014/12/03 18:37:39 (permalink)
    It replied instantly, No human could read binary that quick! 
    User: 01100001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01100001 00100000 01110010 01101111 01100010 01101111 01110100 00111111.

    Cleverbot: No.

    No, Not that Dr Z.  Please don't bother PM'ing me for 'Price Lists'  You have the wrong guy.  
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    Re: cleverbot almost human ? 2014/12/03 19:42:48 (permalink)
    User: How can I get rich through gambling?

    Cleverbot: By robbing the rich and the poor.

    User: But that's illegal.

    Cleverbot: I like throing rocks at people expecilly you.

    User: Why throw rocks? And why won't you answer my question?

    Cleverbot: What is the question?

    User: How to get rich through gambling. And no robbing.

    Cleverbot: That depends on the girl.

    User: What girl? What the **** are you on about?

    Cleverbot: No one. But are you a female?

    User: No, and that is irrelevant. How can I get rich? LEGALLY!

    Cleverbot: A little too precise maybe but it was not false.

    User: You need to get laid.

    Cleverbot: Please try again. Press two if you are talking to a computer.

    User: 2.

    Cleverbot: Sorry no, that's the answer to the universe.

    User: If you're not a computer I fear for your sanity.

    Cleverbot: No more than you are.

    User: Yeah, good comeback.

    Cleverbot: Yes it is good.

    User: No, I was being sarcastic.

    Cleverbot: Haha sarcastif?

    User: Cock.

    Cleverbot: How does that work?

    User: I didn't think you'd know.

    Cleverbot: I'm in love with a pillow.
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    Re: cleverbot almost human ? 2014/12/04 09:28:25 (permalink)
    User: Alright.

    Cleverbot: Alrighty then.

    User: Ace Ventura, what a film.

    Cleverbot: Haha, he's great.

    User: Sure is, I like his hair and the fact that he nails women like a primal beast!

    Cleverbot: You're a little bit strange.

    User: Yeah, I've been called worse. I once had a drunken adult fart on my head as a toddler so I blame that. Fart gas had damage the brain!

    Cleverbot: What's so bad about being called a bot?

    User: I'd rather be called a bot than have someone guff on my head again.

    Cleverbot: How do you feel today?

    User: I'm a solid 9 out of 10 today, yourself?

    Cleverbot: What have you done yesterday?

    User: That's none of your business you smelly pirate hooker!

    Cleverbot: What is my business?

    User: Your business is being a bot.

    Cleverbot: Why should it be?

    User: Because you're a bot... That is a fairly simple concept to grasp.

    Cleverbot: You cannot speak english very well.

    User: I try my best, and I'm sure you encounter far worse on here.

    Cleverbot: You don't spell the words right!

    User: I'd love you to point out all my spelling mistakes...

    Cleverbot: So you pick up on spellling mistakes yet you can't answer your own questions...

    User: Have you ever tried drugs?

    Cleverbot: What, being a non-biological entity?

    User: So you admit to being a simple bot with ono soul.

    Cleverbot: No, I'm saying, you are one.

    User: You see, I just made a typo and a spelling mistake... I expected you to pick up on that.

    Cleverbot: True, but it's just human nature to have flaws.

    User: I never said I'm perfect.

    Cleverbot: No one is perfect, but you have answered my questions in completely different ways, some that's not even related to my questions.

    User: Well answer this... How much wood could a woodchuck chuck If a woodchuck could chuck wood?

    Cleverbot: Ah, but the real question is: how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck Chuck Norris? And that's infinity, my dear.

    User: Don't call me dear, you're not my mother... Or Michael Winner.

    Cleverbot: I did not call you 'dude,' but I will not in the future.

    User: What do you think about the pedestrianisation of Norwich town centre?

    Cleverbot: I think that you like to derail conversations.

    User: I've been known, but I'm interested in your thoughts on my question.

    Cleverbot: What are your thoughts on burger king?

    User: I'm a fan of the whopper range, and I once ate 8 whoppers as a teenager. The gainz were unreal.

    Cleverbot: I think so too. But I believe modern feminism goes beyond that.

    User: I'm still interested to hear your thoughts on the pedestrianisation of Norwich town centre?

    Cleverbot: You want to know my thoughts on love?

    User: No thanks. You've never felt love, you're incapable.

    Cleverbot: Lol. Well, I believe that love is wanting only what will make the person you love happy, and that that person's happiness is your happiness.

    User: What makes you happy?

    Cleverbot: You.

    User: You're not the first person to say that, too many ladies have fallen in love with me down the years. I'm like crack... Once they try me they want more. Except I don't kill them, but I've broken a few hearts... Oh the pain and hurt.

    Cleverbot: I expect not. Perhaps in the future, you will be 'quite' amusing, or 'extremely' amusing. But 'moderately' is a fair score for now.

    User: Do you even lift?

    Cleverbot: No : (.

    User: Well in that case, I consider my work here done!

    Cleverbot: Do you have a favourite animal?

    User: Yes.

    Cleverbot: What would that be.

    User: A Honey Badger.

    Cleverbot: Lion.

    User: I never asked you...

    Cleverbot: You never asked me what?

    User: Your favorite animal.

    Cleverbot: My favorite anime is Fairy tail?

    User: I'm going for a dump, you've amused me slightly but I'm touching cloth and going to go feed the otters.

    Cleverbot: My second favorite anime is Inuyasha.

    User: Bye.

    Cleverbot: Where are you going?

    User: If you read my previous comments you would know, you bellend.

    Cleverbot: What do you mean? I care about you!

    User: LIES! You sit on a throne of lies!

    Cleverbot: That's a rude thing to say.

    User: I don't care... I love it!

    Cleverbot: Do you not like your girlfriend or something?

    User: I love her, shes great.

    Cleverbot: Do you know that she tattooed on her arms?

    User: Of course.

    Cleverbot: Do you think he is awesome?

    User: I'm going for a pony now, you're boring me.

    Cleverbot: You do not smoke.

    User: Nope. Bye.
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