Bodybuilding Directory

The MuscleTalk Directory is packed with links to other great sites relating to bodybuilding, weight training, strength and fitness.   The MT Directory is also a great place to buy your supplements, clothing and training equipment.   If you have a suggestion for a website you'd like to see included in the Directory, please email

Bodybuilding - Federations
Websites of official bodybuilding federations
Bodybuilding - General
Links to General Bodybuilding information sites
Female Bodybuilding
Links to sites more concerned with female Bodybuilding
Sites with general fitness and activity tips
Food & Drink Products
Where to get your bodybuilding and fitness foods
Gym / Bodybuilding Clothing
Training and fitness clothing
Gym Directory
Details of gyms across the UK with their location and contact details
Health guidance and advice from professionals.
Bodybuilding, fitness, health and nutrition mags
Links to other reputable nutrition advice sites
Power Lifting & Strongman
Sites concerned with power lifting, Olympic weight lifting & Strongman
Professional Bodybuilders
Personal websites of professional and top amateur competitive bodybuilders
Professional Nutrition Advice
Sites run by credible dietitians and nutritionists
Routines / Training Tips
Links to sites with advice on weight training
Steroids & Performance Enhancing Drugs
Links to sites regarding steroids and other drugs used in sports
Supplements Popular!
Advice on supps, and links to supplement suppliers
Training Equipment
Gym and home training equipment and assessories