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AUSTRALIAN MUSCLE is the official homepage of Shane Stratton, NABBA Mr.Universe and Diane Jardim, NABBA Ms. World Figure.
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We at Blunt Force Bodybuilding are all about helping those around us. We spend most of our time in the gym honing our skills as athletes and people. Giving out advice from first hand experience and opinion. We don’t cut any corners or sugar coat anything.We tell it like it is and stay true to our beliefs. We hope you enjoy this blunt and aggressive look at the fitness industry through the eyes of people living it on a daily basis.

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This blog aims to become one of the most comprehensive web resources on bodybuilding: a place where you can find free information on training, nutrition and supplements, all together, in an easy, fast and reliable way. Day after day, Bodybuilding city hopes to become a reference for all those who love this sport, and a guide for those who decide to start it for the first time.
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The largest listing of bodybuilding competitions on the net. Find all active federations for a country. Search for bodybuilding shows filtered by state, natural, federation and date range.
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It's the biggest fitness weekend of the year!

Since 2009, BodyPower Expo has grown into the most renowned and comprehensive fitness event in the UK, inspiring and motivating more than 90,000 health and fitness enthusiasts in 2016.

BodyPower has developed into a staple event for the international fitness market, welcoming visitors and athletes from all over the world. The show provides three pulsating days of fitness, covering the full spectrum of sports, products, services and athletes.

Offering something for every fitness enthusiast, the show provides an unforgettable visitor experience with:

  • countless international stars
  • industry renowned experts
  • extensive exhibition
  • interactive feature areas
  • national competitions

Tickets are limited so join us between 12th – 14th May 2017 for the biggest ever BodyPower!

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Beginners Guide to Building Muscle Mass. A completely FREE website designed for one sole purpose: To teach you how to safely and naturally, gain weight and build muscle fast, without the use of drugs.

Every page on this site is full of helpful articles covering all aspects of healthy muscle and weight gain, including information about: Weight Training, Bodybuilding, Weight Gain Diets and Supplements. There's also a muscle building recipe section, bodybuilding and nutrition calculators, and much more.

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Clearkut Leisure Security provides SIA Door Supervision & Event Security that caters to the client’s needs & is focused on professional etiquette & customer skills Clearkut Leisure objectives are to deliver the highest standards in Close Protection.

Our operative teams are handpicked to tailor the demands of the client. Clearkut Leisure specializes in catering for all clients with their own individual needs and specifications as this is very important to us. Clearkut Leisure Security has an array of personnel with previous experience with the police or military that is all SIA qualified and have experience in the relative security sections.

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If you are a hardgainer and find it hard to build muscle, then this website is for you it has great information on how to gain weight, build muscle, workout routines, nutrition and much more.

The number 1 source for Bodybuilding and Fitness., for the best in bodybuilding news, results, features, history, contest footage, bodybuilding documentaries and photos.


Gym Visit - Database of gyms in over 65 countries.

Database of gyms in over 65 countries including every state in USA and every county in UK.

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Hercules Gym proudly presents another spectacular of bodybuilding and beauty at THE HERCULES OLYMPIA 2014. Record breaking numbers of competitors, spectators, guest stars and performers are travelling from across the UK, Europe and further to Charter Hall in Colchester, Essex on Saturday 05 April to compete for a coveted MR or MISS HERCULES OLYMPIA title and a place on the UK team, representing British bodybuilding on incredible International stages.

As always, Scott Horton and the Hercules Olympia Team promise you a competition and event to remember – WABBA international qualifiers for hardcore bodybuilding gods and goddesses, sparkling bikini athletes, Mixed Pairs, mens and womens wheelchair/disabled categories and also the Miss Hercules Beauty open class inviting ALL beautiful women to take part from across the UK and Europe - from gym trained to self-made physiques!

To register as a competitor, get your tickets, become a sponsor or just to find out more – visit the website or call Hercules Gym on 01206 573737 or 01206 710001.


The best online source of bodybuilding motivation, workouts and articles to enhance your training and get shredded.
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Zef Eisenburg's Muscle Bulletin :: The ultimate resource for muscle size, strength and definition.
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A relational database of historical bodybuilding contests, 1938 to present. Search by contest title, year, or bodybuilder's name.
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A training and information website for natural athletes and bodybuilders. Articles on strength training bodybuilding, workouts, nutrition, supplements, training system reviews, etc.
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Metric Converter. Convert weight, area, time, power, temp, etc.
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Everything you need to know about skinny bodybuilding
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Skinny Yoked is a bodybuilding lifestyle blog for beginner and intermediate natural bodybuilders. The site includes workout tips, supplement reviews and insight into the bodybuilding industry.
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UK bodybuilding forum where you can get free advice and information on all things related to weight training.
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