Bodybuilding Nutrition

MuscleTalk's own bodybuilding recipe collection. It contains over 170 great-tasting and nutritious bodybuilding recipes.

Muscle Menus is so comprehensive that all recipes and plans even have calorie, protein, carbohydrate and fat levels noted for those who like to keep a check!

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Muscle Menus Vegetarian contains over 130 great-tasting, nutritious vegetarian bodybuilding recipes.

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More than 200 "Anabolicious" recipes, all full of flavours, designed to promote muscle building and fat loss, and that you can prepare in minutes. In fact those recipes are so easy to make, even a 10 year-old can do it!

Anabolic Cooking and Nutrition Fundamentals: everything that a person involved in bodybuilding or fitness MUST know about nutrition. You will know exactly what’s in the food your eating!

How to prepare ALL your meals for the week in less than 3 hours!

and more....!!!

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Paul Elliott a professional, award winning, experienced chef working alongside MuscleTalk to bring you healthy nutritional, muscle & fitness recipes & advice on all things food related to maximize your training & diets and still enjoy your food!

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CookeryClub contains cooking and recipe information as well as a variety of subjects relating to eating, drinking, health & lifestyle, cookery clubs, kid's cookery and baking.

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Information herein is intended for professional audiences, including scientists, coaches, medical professionals, athletic trainers, nutritionists and other sports health professionals who have a fundamental understanding of human physiology.
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The glycemic index is a ranking of foods based on their immediate effect on blood glucose. It measures how much your blood glucose increases after eating a fixed amount of carbohydrates.
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The site that helps you improve your eating. This internet resource provides example meal plans and eating regimens for a huge array of different people with different nutritional requirements, sports, pastimes and lifestyles.
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Search the USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference data. Just type in a food and get a nutritional breakdown.
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NutritionData (ND) generates nutrition facts labels and provides simplified nutritional analyses for all foods and recipes. ND tells you what's good and bad about the foods you eat, and helps you select foods that best meet your dietary needs.
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The Vitamins and Nutrition Center provides accurate information on vitamins and nutrition, research on vitamins and the different effects of vitamin deficiency.
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