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do you use creatine?

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Re:do you use creatine? 2012/02/17 10:20:28 (permalink)
I use about 10g of mono per day. I take it with my bcaa and lg in one big intra litre drink.
This is just done for convenience.

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Re:do you use creatine? 2012/02/17 12:53:35 (permalink)
Currently use Kre-Alkalyn (only one I have used) for about a year now. Find it has helped good results and gives me an extra push when needed. Normally take 5g a day. Sometimes will pop an extra tab hour before workout if have very heavy session as seems to help me through.

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Re:do you use creatine? 2012/02/17 14:39:34 (permalink)

ice man - please explain non responder - what other ceartines did you use that you did respond to

No probs mate, Ive tried mono numerous times, 5g dose, 10g dose, with carbs, without carbs, no diff between either, i didnt respond to any, ran each for a good 4 weeks, creatine usually kicks in for me in the latter stages of week 2/early stages of week 3. I felt size on (which is more than creatine supplement) boosted me during training sessions and green magnitude noticibly gave me extra reps. So imo i didnt respond to mono therefore i brand myself as a mono non me if i felt mono boosted my perf in any way i would use it as its much cheaper, but it didnt so i use others.
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Re:do you use creatine? 2012/02/17 15:35:41 (permalink)
Yes, 5g's of creatine gluconate daily

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Re:do you use creatine? 2012/02/17 20:25:11 (permalink)
1)  Yes I do.
Always start using creatine monohydrate as it's the cheapest and most researched version of the supplement.  I like creatine as a product and have tried it in numerous guises.  If you wish to use it - start with mono and see how you get on.

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Re:do you use creatine? 2012/02/19 12:56:48 (permalink)
Ive just started using creatine and personally I think it helps with my recovery (stop aching muscles) but can't see any real improvements with bigger muscle mass. 
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Re:do you use creatine? 2012/02/19 15:28:59 (permalink)
5g of mono a day , I personally dont notice much difference if any  but ive seen the studies and it has good sound science behind it .
Ive tried other types tom the only time I actually noticed a change and difference in my workout was with the original Size on by Gaspari but hat had other ingreients as well.
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Re:do you use creatine? 2012/02/27 19:01:19 (permalink)
Yup I do (mono). I never thought I used to respond to it, but I never really used to take it properly (used to miss doses). Now I shove it into my shakes so I have to have it, and with adequate water/carbs. I definitely do notice a difference in strength and a few lbs of water weight. Tried kre-alkalyn which didn't really respond to me.
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