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2004/02/19 19:30:14 (permalink)


these days i feel a lot like a parrot.

i thought i knew a lot. i don't. [well i do, but i did not until very, very recently].

parrots tend to repeat stuff, and that is exactly what i have been doing of late. there is a certain member of this board [shall call him JohnnyFive?] that has on many occasions suggested things to the contary of my opinion, and yet, when i ask for an explanation behind hiw opinions, he is immediately able to provide one that is both truth, and logical. [a rare comodity in the world of bars and plates]. i ALWAYS use the internet/books to verify what anyone on this board says, cos often its total sh1te. he is 99.9% right. then the next time someone posts a question, i cannot help but use my new found knowlage and end up sounding like a parrot. repeating what i have learned.

well mr Five, thankyou very much.***

as with all the knowlageable members on this board, i spend a few minutes each day going trough all their non-archived posts so as to make sure i haven't missed any important infomation.....

and that brings me to the point of this thread. recently it was suggested to someone [by mr Five] that they read up some of the articles on elitefts.com, well, today i printed out every, single, one. [about 50 i think] and have read 19 thus far [college was very boring today, so i read them in lectures]. they are very informative and very well written, and i highly recomend them to anyone in the slightest, vaugest bit interested in improving thier strength and size.

i have posted this on account of the fact that the very knowlageable L.Simmons from westside barbell, will be quoted an awful lot by me as of today and so will many other people that wrote for elitefts.com
and i don't want to get into trouble for copying and trying to pass it off as my own.

so there you go, from now on, I AM RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING, and you have MrFive to thank for that.

***this isn't meant to be an arse kiss post, if it reads that way, post so below and i will edit it and put in some abuse to balence it out. i hate arse kiss posts.


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    RE: elitefts.com 2004/02/19 19:46:32 (permalink)
    I'm going to read them articles sometime in the future. There's sooo much good info on the net if you know where to look that i've lost all hope of reading everything that I want to.
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    RE: elitefts.com 2004/02/19 20:18:55 (permalink)
    EFS is definately an incredible website. Loads of information. I read it frequently.

    I am pretty excited for the Arnold Classic in 2 weeks i will be attending. There is everything there you could ever imagine. Olympic lifting, Powerlifting, Strongman, and Bodybuilding competitions. Many westside guys are always at the powerlifting and this year i know more about them and hope to speak with a few of them. JL Holdsworth gave me a run down of all the westsiders that will be there so hopefully ill be able to get some pictures and ill be sure to post them up.

    The past 2 years ive gotten to shake Ronnie colemans hand and let me tell you it's freaky in person how big he is no matter how many pictures you have seen of him. It's much different having him right next to you.

    Sorry for going a little off topic Robert
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    RE: elitefts.com 2004/02/19 22:29:43 (permalink)
    i think iv read them all and I still want to learn more. They are an amazing reference and I agree with J5, an incredible inspiration.
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    RE: elitefts.com 2004/02/20 13:47:21 (permalink)
    yeh there great, i printed out every article on westside, they provided a fair few nights of great reading info, i keep them all now for reference in a 3 big folders creativly titled "westside".

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