employment law - job seekers?

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2009/07/27 11:29:59 (permalink)

employment law - job seekers?

i have just had my probation period extended by my boss at work, citing abscenteeism as the reason, having had 2 periods off work in my first 6 months through illness (provided doctors notes for both).

however i feel the main reason was because it would have triggered a pay rise and the company is currently struggling financially and all bounses have been put on hold with all departments cutting costs.

i know it's hard to get a new job these days but i've been messed around so much by this compnay that i'd rather leave and sign on until i fond something else.

so if i leave citing i dont agree with the extension of my probabtion which i was banking on the pay increase as i cant afford the travel each day would i have good grounds to claim job seekers allowance as i would have voluntarily left??

like i say if i'd not been treated so poorly by the company with so many false promises then i would stick it out but i'm at the point where i resent going into work. so please no lectures on how lucky i am to have a job or that i should find something else before leaving.

thanks for any advice as always.

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    Re:employment law - job seekers? 2009/07/27 11:36:22 (permalink)

    Your benefits if you resign

    Your Jobcentre Plus can delay your Jobseeker's Allowance for up to 26 weeks if you've voluntarily quit without good reason. If you're claiming constructive dismissal, make sure they know. If you can't claim Jobseeker's Allowance, you may still be able to claim a hardship payment, which is a reduced amount of Jobseeker's Allowance.

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    Re:employment law - job seekers? 2009/07/27 12:19:55 (permalink)
    cheers Righty.

    I may just ask my boss to terminate my contract, citing cut backs or some other reason, hopefully he will co-operate, if not i'll have to sit it out :-(

    although i do feel i have a good reason to leave i doubt the job centre sh1t bags would see it that way.
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    Re:employment law - job seekers? 2009/07/27 13:08:24 (permalink)
    Essentially you have a year long 'probation' period, as they can get rid of you within this year without the fear of an unfair dismissal claim.

    I would sit it out personally, how long have they extended it for?

    Do you like the job?
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    Re:employment law - job seekers? 2009/07/27 13:14:32 (permalink)
    I'm no expert, but if you are getting paid more in your job than you would on the dole then stick it out.  Especially if you may be stuck without another job for a while.  Longer term employers would prefer to see employment history rather than periods on the dole, so if you are going for a good job in the future a full employment history would be better.

    The 'Daily Mail' part of my brain just doesn't like the idea of somone giving up a job to go on the dole, sorry.
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    Re:employment law - job seekers? 2009/07/27 13:46:31 (permalink)
    Cant advise on the legal side of things although the reason you think theyve done it is quite probable. 

    I really wouldnt recommend choosing to have an employment gap on your CV in times like this.  When the going gets tough look to the bottom line and do whats going to help you out the most in the long run.
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    Re:employment law - job seekers? 2009/07/27 14:13:05 (permalink)
    I had my probation extended before due to similar reasons. Basically the company felt they were paying me too much as I had completed all the hard work in the first 6 months - i.e. set up an entire dept from scratch, put in systems, people training etc...
    Their reason " While my department was excellent, and I was very good at my job, I didn't contribute enough to the rest of the organisation" !!!!
    Work that out!!
    I resigned within a fortnight!

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    Re:employment law - job seekers? 2009/07/27 15:19:48 (permalink)
    if you do want to leave its best to tell them and ask them to get rid of you.

    i know rightyo pasted that link that says 26 week but if you go in and tell them you have left they will say you have to wait 6 weeks. ive never had to wait any longer than 6 week sand done it a few times

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    Re:employment law - job seekers? 2009/07/27 19:00:18 (permalink)
    i think if you get sacked you can claim if you quit you cant, i may be wrong tho

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