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epi cycle results + PCT questions

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2011/03/27 19:27:16 (permalink)

epi cycle results + PCT questions

I thought I'd post my experiences of a 6 week chaparral epi cycle which I'm just finishing. I'm starting my PCT next week.
So, I started on 14th February. I was 11 stone 3 then and was stuck on a major plateau. I'd been that weight for over a month- it was really frustrating. I'd tried everything. I ate more protein, stopped cardio, changed my routine, increased weights, reduced reps- the whole lot. Nada. I'd been thinking of doing a PH cycle anyway and that finally clinched it.
This was my first ever cycle of anything so I didn't know how my body would react. I went for epi coz I thought it would be a good mild intro.
I went for 20/30/30/30/40/40. Today I weigh 11 stone 12. So I gained 9 lbs total in the 6 weeks- not bad! 
I took creatine, HMB, ZMA, a multivitamin, milk thistle, L Glutamine and cod liver oil daily as general cycle support. 
When I started off on 20 I didn't get any results at all so i quickly upped to 30 the next week and things started to happen pretty quickly after that! I gained between 2-3 lbs a week consistently from then on. 
My diet was not squeaky clean but also not stupid either. I ate plenty of protein and low GI carbs, fruit and veg, lots of water and milk over 6 small meals a day. Basic bodybuilding stuff!
My goal has been to get to 12 stone and then start to reduce body fat. My body fat has stayed pretty much the same right the way through at around 16.5%. So a bit high- but nothing a good bit of diet and cardio won't fix. 
From week 2 on I noticed strength increases first of all, and a boost in libido and energy level. I quickly realised I could add entire sets on top of my previous routine without reaching burnout. During week 4 I went from a 3 way split over three days to a 3 way split over 4 days and was still recovering fine.
I hardly got any sides from this cycle. I noticed some bloating sometimes. The main irritation were pumps in my traps and delts. It made it difficult to lift my arms up and turn my head. It wasn't too bad- just uncomfortable. I could have taken taurine I guess but it wasn't bad enough for me to go and do something about it!
I have some before/after pics but i can't see how you put them into this darn post!
Anyway I start my PCT this week and would really appreciate some feedback on this. I got hold of some nolva but it's been delayed and I won't see it till nearer the end of the week. Question: do I go ahead with a test booster and general post cycle support anyway, and then start the nolva when i get it- or carry on the epi till till it arrives (ie into a 7th week) and then start nolva straight off?
Second question. I got hold of the test booster 6 bromo but I hear this actually shuts you down and therefore isn't good for PCT- should i find something else instead?
Do you think nova + test booster and all the other supplements I've been using (above) will be enough to cover PCT?
Any feedback much appreciated cheers!

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    Re:epi cycle results + PCT questions 2011/03/27 19:49:19 (permalink)
    I'd use the 6-bromo until the nolva arrives. In future, never start your cycle until all elements - especially PCT - are in place.
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    Re:epi cycle results + PCT questions 2011/03/27 21:01:03 (permalink)
    OTC PCT is not a good protocol for 6 weeks of Epi, you need a serm.

    Follow henry' suggestion, is the best you can do know.
    Next time avoid to put your health in the post's hands...
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